Physical Bodily Health

Becoming totally healthy is as easy as 1-2-3-4 in 13 to 44 days! 
We are no medical doctors, consult your doctor first.

1. FLUSH and unblock your system.
We do this by starting with a colonics or 5 full enema bags every 3 days to speed up the flushing process. Do this a minimum of 3 times. 
Drink only pure water and prune juice and eat only plain yogurt for the 13 to 44 days. You can have as much as you want or need. You may add a Psyllium Husk supplement if so desired. REMEMBER: The goal is to flush the entire digestive tract.

When we cook food above 118 degrees Fahrenheit we kill the natural enzymes in food. Natural food enzymes are responsible for 1/3 of the digestive process. If you eat cooked food you need a food enzyme supplement. Use a food enzyme every time you eat cooked food. Get a Multi-Vitamin and Multi-Mineral supplement for good nutrients. We use Synergy Complete which has a full range of vitamins and 70+ plant minerals and Green Vibrance for a complete source of nutrition.  NEVER eat Carbohydrates and Proteins together! After your 13 to 44 days you can have carbohydrates and you can eat proteins, however, you must wait at least one hour before eating the another. REMEMBER: NEVER MIX THEM OR EAT THEM TOGETHER! 

Cleansing your body of toxins should be done EVERY SEASON! We use TIAO HE CLEANSE from Four Winds and colloidal silver is the best defense for toxins. Use Epson Salt and Sea Salt in your bath water or as a scrub in the shower. NEVER eat salt this includes sea salt, it will retain water weight! Eat kelp instead.

Activate your Glands! We use a complete ultra glandular supplement and you can use a mushroom defense supplement like this one from Jarrows.

This should balance your PH naturally and hormones. For rapid repair try an HGH hormone.