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Future lies in reform, not in returning to Mao era: Hu Jintao

China’s superficial prosperity is but a momentary rise because it is unaccompanied by a corresponding cultural rise. No great literature, art, music or philosophy is emerging from China. Economic prosperity unaccompanied by cultural elation is hollow, unstable and absurd. It is like developing the muscles of a single hand through rigorous non-stop exercising while those in the legs, abdomen, shoulders, back and neck remains as of yore. It is kind of an unproportionate, unnatural, unstable state of psyche, close to sickness. Great philosophers of India, China and Greece condemned such development. Many modern day philosophers also have taught about the dangers of unspiritual prosperity, which was what brought the mighty Roman Empire down. It is the mind, free thought and unhindered will that brings about, nourishes and retains a healthy civilization. So, what economic development we now are shown from China is ballooned up, a mirage which will vanish and expose in its time the harsh realities, just like the underlying poverty of the Big Brother in Russia was exposed once the state’s suppressive propaganda crumbled. It is a real fact that majority of the Chinese population oppose their government’s almost all actions publicly or in their minds. Where there is a vent, their anger steams out. The world also knows that it is because of the brutal Chinese policing that the government there is not toppled by people. By no standards is it now a peaceful and quiet nation. Indeed China was a mighty, trustworthy, civilized great nation, before Chairman Mao came into power. The cruelties and murders of the millennium old dynasties were nothing when compared to the mean, treacherous slaughters of the Communist Regime. Then they began to export not communism but cruelty to other peaceful nations. India, Nepal, Tibet, Burma, Hong Kong, Philippines- all these nations well know that China is a mad rogue nation now, becoming very similar to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Ayatollah Khomeini’s Iran, perhaps more despotic. Gauging from the present rise in people’s protests, where is democracy, communism and socialism in China? Is the world willing to tolerate yet another aggressive nation among them? What the world hoped would prevent the aggression of China were the two great democracies in the world- America and India. But heavy Chinese investment made America passive. Prospect of arrival of huge Yuan capital made India silent. Embracing Dalai Lama and at the same time shaking hands with the Premiere on the back is the foreign policy of these two nations now. It was the American Freedom Struggle that inspired Europe to freedom. It was the Indian Struggle for Independence that liberated Africa. What is a few soiled Yuan notes when compared to the glorious moments in human history? But the world people now have learned about this tacit pact between these great democracies and the last existing autocracy. It is now people versus government there, unsupported by the world.

China is undergoing the inevitable birth pains of a new political structure. From the already accumulated evidence of the Chinese government’s and the party oligarchy’s vehemence towards the intelligent traditional people there, this new political structure which is to soon evolve in China won't necessarily first be democratic. It is first more likely and possibly to be the most despotic and cruel military administration the world has ever seen. After that there would be intermittent administrations by the military and by unstable democratic governments. This means, China will go the Pakistan way, not the Indian way. The world never thought and believed the dynasties in China could be toppled by a few revolutionaries but it happened. It would happen again because that is the natural course of things there since the time of the Yellow Emperor. Everything in history is but repetition. Many people around the world think that the communism in China is invincible. So were a great number of people living in the Eastern Block. China then stood like a star amid a galaxy of communist countries. She now stands alone there like a hot rock upon on a marooned sulfurous planet. Her great masters, merchants, peasants, clerics, academics, artists and scholars hate these state slave masters in their hearts. Because we are standing too close, not sufficiently remote, we fail to see this conspicuous hating and the subsequent withering. The chief distinguishing mark of the oriental countries of India, Nepal, Tibet, Burma, China, Siam and Japan from the west was, and is, the respect and obedience their younger people show towards their older people. It has been so even before the time of Confucius and Buddha. This great tradition has been the foundation of Chinese and Indic cultures. Communist revolution and the institution of party government was a replacement of these great ideals and a submission to alien and hostile ideology and rule. It was from this clay that the great revolutionaries were moulded. It is to be from this very clay that the bold people who are destined not only to overthrow but execute as well the despots in the communist administration are to originate. Communism could not wash away the genes of respect to elders latent in people’s bodies. Do not the world ever under estimate the patience of this oriental mind. Why the bold people of China are not uprising in massive revolts regardless of their military and police [there is more people there which no military or police can harness or kill if truly up risen] is because there are still octogenarians in that polit bureau. It is not a secret but every party cadre there knows this. The instant the old octogenarians pass away or are taken away and silently removed by younger counterparts in the party, the communist party and its regime would be reduced to smithereens by the people of China. The oriental people can only fight with people of their same age.

2000 years back, when the famous carpenter of Jerusalem, fleeing from the traitors, aggressors and wormy authorities of his land to secure his life and philosophy till his mission is completed, found safety, security, hospitality, solace and moral fighter training in the far northern native kingdoms of India. That is how the missing years in the life of Christ is explained. When he was born in cattle shed, again due to haughty abuse of authority, three magician priests from the east, that is from India, read the stars and found their way through thousands of miles to the west to bless the newborn babe. In those times star watching had developed as a full practical science only among the Indians and the Babylonians. The spices they brought to the child also denote the land where they came from. In ancient Greece, when the great teacher Socrates succumbed to death in an evening in a prison cell in Athens, Plato wept and decided he would take revenge upon authorities for the death of his master. When advised by friends to flee from Greece before authorities found and executed him too, he fled, travelled the route Alexander later took and reached India. His missing years were spent in India, learning philosophies and fighting talents, which he when returned, displayed brilliantly to become the master of kings. We see in history, after the execution of Socrates for criticizing state, after just three generations in the time of Aristotle, Socratic philosophies become ruling principles of the state when King Phillip of Macedonia appointed Aristotle as Alexander’s master. Do China supporters know India became home to how many thousands of Jews who lost homes during the mad military maneuvers of two world wars? Do the aggressive Chinese authorities know how many millions of Nepalees, Burmese, Tibetans, Kashmiris, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis India received and protected during international power turmoils? How many did the Chinese protect? Did they ever open their borders to any? The Hindus, Christians and Muslims of India, with traditional Indian hospitality, receive anyone who has lost a home. The honorable Dalai Lama was not the last. He has been living in India with his people for half a century, happily accepting India as their second home. He was not a citizen of China, but he lost his home in Tibet, the most un-Chinese act in the past century from the most un-Chinese rulers of China. He will return to his free nation. The people of India will see to that. India can shelter, protect and train every lone bird that has lost a sky and nest. It is a generations-old tradition of India. Every returning bird will capture the world, and India will smile inwardly and go on as before.

[In response to news article 'Future lies in reform, not in returning to Mao era: Hu Jintao' in the Times of India on 06 August 2012]

BEIJING: Bracing for his retirement after a decade-long stint at the helm, President Hu Jintao has virtually ruled out China reverting to hard-line policies of Mao Zedong saying the path of reform and opening up pioneered by moderate leader Deng Xiaoping should continue as they created "miracles".