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Myanmar tells Suu Kyi not to call country 'Burma'

History tells us that Emperor Bharatha, the brother of Sri Rama ruled the lands comprising of Rathnadweepam, Bharatham, Nepaalam, Brahmadesam, Apaghanasdhanam and Syama Raajyam, a vast empire which was then called Bharatha Varsha and is still known in that name. At that time, Kashmir was the Garden and Playfield of Asia and the south’s gateway to the south east. Ratnadweepam was Ceylon, the present day Sri Lanka, the name Rathnadweepam roughly meaning the lustre of precious stones. India till the recent times included the present day Bangladesh and Pakistan. Nepaalam was the present day Nepal. Brahmadesham was Burma which was in 1989 renamed by the worthless military junta there as Myanmar, the name Brahmadesam meaning the desam or native land of Lord Brahma who created all human beings in the earth. It is the most beautiful name mankind has ever conceived for the name of a land, and the most meaningful too. But the Burmese military junta who very much were secretly indebted to Communist China’s assistance in many of their undemocratic clandestine operations decided to have no tint of India in its name to please China and prepare way for China’s future Burma occupation and changed the name of Burma to Myanmar, phonetically something weak and feminine-like when compared to the masculinity-rich name Burma. It was part of a plot, looking far into the future of South East Asia. Apaghanasdhaanam was Afghanistan. And Syaama Raajyam was Siam, the present day Thai Land. Thai Land in ancient Indian dialects means Mother Land. Cambodia was included in this ancient empire but China was not. Without proper transportation facilities, no one can rule such a vast empire, excluding perhaps only China and Tibet. But there indeed were great Himalayan routes through which people and culture passed and spread. The first nation to close these great Himalayan routes was the People’s Republic of China as part of their long term agenda. Now Burma is a part and partner of that agenda and the new government there fears that calling their nation in its original name which is Burma would displease the Chinese authorities and disrupt arrangements for the future political structure planned by China. India, which has been the close friend of Burma with help always kept at hand for the Burmese is now betrayed by the Burma administration who only wants to remain in power even by sacrificing their nation’s sacred identity by removing its sacred name. The government of India still retains the name Bharatha Circar reverently which is what infuriates Burma and China. What other reason is there for a military junta which trampled all civilian rights and democratic principles for a very long time for changing the real name of Burma? It is good to know that there are people in Burma who insist on calling their nation Burma. All Burmese will revert to calling their nation Burma as more of them recognize the historic significance of this name and the more the waves of fear recede.

[In response to news article 'Myanmar tells Suu Kyi not to call country Burma' in the Times of India on 29 June 2012]