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Foreign visits work-related: Kerala ministers

Everything that is happening in the world is instantly brought to India via Internet. To learn about innovations in any field, be it science, technology, business, commerce or industry, there is no need now for going abroad. If a state minister does not have time to read about these things, that is why Private Secretaries and Personal Assistants are paid salaries for by the government. Therefore, do not say anything about state business as a lame excuse. If state ministers want pleasure trips to escape from the boredom of attending to peoples' problems, say it boldly and tour the world, at one's own expense, after taking leave. Ministers are to be fine examples to employees of government and the voting public. Had these ministers declined to travel abroad at people's expense, that would have been fine. But since they already have decided to travel abroad at people's expense, stating state business, they have become just two of the common exploiters. It is known that both these ministers are rich in their families. Let them be bold and truthful enough to travel at their own expense, whether it be for state or for pleasure, and set an example to the politicians of Kerala.

[In response to news article ‘Foreign visits work-related: Kerala ministers’ in Yahoo News on 17 October 2012]