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PM Singh calls for calm after gang rape sparks violent protests

When we read about a very heinous atrocity committed on a woman, or when we see a television report on the same, our blood will boil and we will rush to some spot where we can do something worthwhile. That is human nature, a very desirable human nature. Rich or poor, young or old, man or woman, student or housewife, does not make any difference in this human attitude. If we come to know that a protestation is already going on in our neighbourhood, we will rush to that venue and participate. If it is in our state capital, we will get aboard the next bus and go there, if circumstances permit. But if it in Delhi that this protest is going on, we cannot all go there, but will certainly wish our hearts support go with them. This citizens feeling is what saved India from British hands. When people assembled for protests, the British loathed them and wished them death, because they knew that if people’s protests grew each day in mass, strength and ferocity, their foreign careers would be ruined, their privileges and pleasure would be taken away and they will have to pack up from India. So they moved the papas and mommies to ask British police and military to crush down people’s protestations and remove any threat to their contented and happy lives. When they look from their lofty imagination, it will appear that these people are well governed by my papa, mummy and cousin, these people does not deserve the services of such dignified people and they are committing a crime against divinity by questioning their country’s administration. These are the thoughts that are going through the minds of sons and daughters of all leaders in power. It is they who bring about the fall of their papas and mammas. India’s political history is full of such sons and daughters. Just remember the case of Smt. Indira Gandhi who was a very good prime minister indeed. One famous congress leader who very nearly reached prime ministership had a son whom he brought into politics as his successor and political heir who did not have the tact, patience and tolerance to co-exist with his father’s party supporters who sensed the danger and prevented the leader from becoming a prime minister. We cannot blame these leaders for getting into these kinds of circumstances. With politically ambitious sons and daughters, they are like swimmers who are forced to swim the seas with a rock ties down from their ankles.

The last time the student community of India took to the streets was in the 1970s when, inspired by the very old Jayaprakash Narayan and his fight against the corruption in India, students in Universities from Kashmir to Kerala left classes for weeks and weeks, many of them never to return, and took to the streets to protest against the corruption of the congress government. This student community of India which did not get mesmerized by the brilliant speeches of the young Turks in the congress party or by the magical eloquence of the socialists going after a grand old man, obeying his instincts and words, was a great wonder in those times. What happened next, we all know. The largest people’s movement in India against governmental corruption since the time of the Indian Independence Struggle followed, at the end of which Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, as advised by Brezhnev, declared national emergency to curb the unrest, Jayarakash Narayan was arrested with all opposition leaders and tortured in jail, she and her party was thoroughly defeated in the next parliament election, every atrocity and corruption conducted by Sanjay Gandhi, Maneka Gandhi, V.C.Shukla and a multitude of others exposed in the Justice Shaw Commission Trials, Indira Gandhi arrested and put in the Tihar Jail by the Morarji Desai administration, the sequence of events running till militant Sikhs took her life, ‘in their opinion’, for past crimes. It was a simple students’ struggle that originated as a protest against corruption and culminated in all these political and historical events in India. As it was in the past, the seed has been sown. Now again the student community of India, presently in the national capital New Delhi, is in the streets, protesting against central government’s inaction, even after hundreds of girl rapes having happened in New Delhi each year, the Chief Minister of Delhi having had a long time at her disposal to stop this criminal rapes, the woman Chief Minister moaning about her inability to either act or resign, the central government and the prime minister eagerly awaiting the signing of defense deals worth billions with Russian president in the midst of this mayhem, and supportive struggles starting in several state capitals. Will the visiting Russian president, like his predecessor, advise the Indian prime minister to declare another national emergency? It was his predecessor’s wrong advice that brought about Indira Gandhi’s fall. Why not try once again, if undemocratic Russia would be pleased at Indian democracy suffering a set back? What we now see in New Delhi and in many other state capitals in the form of student agitation is an indication of how do the future Indian citizens are going to think. They do not fear, they do not need a leader and they do not need a conventional medium to communicate, the actual warning to all Indian politicians and leaders that they are not at all qualified to lead them or govern the country for them. Intelligence Quotient proven in national open competition alone will determine the future prime ministers, cabinet ministers and parliamentarians of India. This young generation exactly resembles the zeal and modus operandi of events which shook the world recently and brought about the fall of governments in many countries.

[In response to news articles ‘PM Singh calls for calm after gang rape sparks violent protests’ in The Guardian on 24 December 2012 and ‘President's son terms Delhi women protestors 'dented-painted', and apologizes’ in Yahoo News]