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Bio-metric system of attendance for schoolchildren in Jhajjar District, Haryana

Bio-metric recording of attendance of school children in Jhajjar district in India, simply speaking, is another 50 crore rupees of Indian government money going down the drain through the next 3 years. If anyone has a doubt, he can wait three years and come back to see the results of this new local scam. Authorities know after 3 years no one will remember this and these authorities would be elsewhere. Now, tiny little children’s finger prints also are to be stored and made available on the internet, an idea hatched out by a fallen computer maniac either in the District Educational Office or in the Revenue Collectorate of that district. Computer sellers, software developers and service firms are eagerly awaiting the release of the funds earmarked for this project out of public money. Probably sons, daughters, brothers, sisters or brother or sister-in-laws of any of these officers would be studying for a course or already completed a course that would qualify them for posts which are going to be created. Some ignominious corrupt government officer would soon be retiring and rejoining as coordinator of this project. There would also be posts of director, finance officer and a multitude of other officers which are already or would be created ‘considering the increased work load on account of this’ in the concerned office or offices. If someone if patient enough to follow the various governmental activities from now on, it would be proved that most or almost all of these things predicted here will become true. We all know why the bullocks raise their tails. Every website owned by government is nothing but the playthings of under-educated computer assistants, recruited on contract or daily wages basis, the current trend in government. They can sell any information on anyone that is available in a site, for any purpose. The immediate reply from the concerned officer on this accusation would be that there would be secure passwords for entry and editing. Ultimately the passwords would remain with the operators as each government officer comes and goes according to transfer and retirement. Or is the whole operation going to be assigned to some private firm, from where this idea originally might have come from? In the present day world, bio-metric finger print and DNA stamp are the most important things one shall never make available to anyone except for purposes of inevitable medical treatment. Here some smart guy or organization comes up with this idea of storing bio-metric finger prints of the future generation of a whole district in a country, which can be conveniently used at leisure for what heinous purposes the holder of this data in his hands at a later time deigns. Infiltration techniques and hacking are developing at a thousand times higher rate than software for rightful purposes, and those with watchful eyes can see what these wicked officers are leading all into. The famous medical crime writer Doctor Robin Cook can begin his new thriller here.

[In response to news article 'Bio-metric system of attendance for schoolchildren in Jhajjar' in the Times of India on 14 July 2012]