Welcome to News Observatory. This site provides full text of all comments written by P S Remesh Chandran on news articles of interest to him. His regular readers have found it impractical to look up all news sources to read his comments. And hence, this site exclusively for his comments, upon their request. Text in each comment is available for all for legitimate reuse under attribution. The links lead to the news article where the original comment was written or which inspired the comment to be written. There are more than dozens of comments written and published on some particularly relevant subjects such as 'The Threats From Nuclear Energy'. They are compiled as special exclusive pages. We hope you may find articles of interest to you.

For all songs set music, sung, written in English and Malayalam by P S Remesh Chandran, visit his Bloom Books Channel in You Tube. It is an excellent collection of Recitation Videos, the finest and the most elaborate collection ever. All song released into public domain, for the children of the world. Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/bloombooks/videos 

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