UK Community broadband test  

A quick experiment with the new Google feature 

The CBN website at drew my attention to this new feature, so here I am trying it out. I have no idea what the URL of the page will be so its a case of suck it and see.


 I can see from the above that the CBN URL isn't a link, so I better use the link tool to make it clickable. That's better, though its wise to leave a space after the link text before making it a link otherwise the whole subsequent sentence gets dragged in.


I see there's an irritating paragraph leading space thing  at the beginning of each line,  handy if you want it but a pain if you don't. This is with left justified selected. Let's try an image upload.... 

obviously it worked, though if set to a smaller size it wasn't an image just a placeholder. I also ended up sticking it on the right to continue the text as I couldn't find a way to get past it and type text below it. Perhaps best to type all the text and then stick images into it as required.


Now I'm past the bottom it looks like I get use of full width again (less the leading space). Thanks to SWBB for use of their logo.

This took 15 minutes end to end, made using Firefox 1.5 browser on Windows XP.