Cherry Bond, CIMI-UK, Neonatal Nurse, and Developmental Care Educator, discusses her POSITIVE TOUCH Programme for Preemies, and her recent Workshop: The PRETERM INFANT: NICU and Beyond.

posted Mar 22, 2011, 11:15 AM by Rosy Mendizabal   [ updated Mar 31, 2011, 5:54 AM by AlySara Green ]

Guidance on premature babies is a small part of our IAIM training and many Instructors have expressed an interest in more in-depth instruction. I was therefore asked to provide a pre-conference workshop on October 6, 2010, marketed mainly to Trainers, so that we can work towards approving and standardizing such courses, internationally. It was a rich and unique day with Trainers and a few Instructors from all over the world meeting to discuss, assess, learn, and network.

The morning session included state-of-the-art pictorial and video clips, giving a brief look at the preterm baby in the Neonatal Unit and the Family Centred Developmental Care Programme I promote at the Winnicott Baby Unit of St. Mary’s Hospital in London, UK. Positive Touch, which is part of this approach, is not a massage programme.

The afternoon is more practical and interactive, focusing purely on early babies who have massage after they are discharged.  We discussed stroke adaptations and some helpful suggestions for various medical conditions such as babies with oxygen at home, or with hernias.

I have facilitated these IAIM post-certification workshops previously, in Australia , Mexico, Portugal, the USA, and the UK. For more information on the Workshop for CIMIs and Trainers, or to learn more about my work at the Winnicott Baby Unit of St. Mary’s Hospital in London, please visit my website.

During the General Assembly held a few days after this October workshop, I joined a group of Instructors and Trainers interested in continuing education, to form a sub-committee so that we will be able to monitor and regulate continuing education within the IAIM more formally.

Cherry Bond

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