Help us choose a name for our newsletter!

Dear I.A.I.M. members,

A few weeks ago all the I.A.I.M. Chapters were invited to submit names for the International Newsletter.  This was done via email to the Chapter Representative and Contact Person from each country, asking for suggestions.

We received many submissions! And from those we chose the five that we think best represent our Newsletter:

Competing names:

I  AIM for Love

CIMIs in Touch
Keep in Touch 

I.N. Touch (I.N. = International Newsletter!)   

It is now time for all of us, as I.A.I.M members, to choose the name we like the most. Every person can vote ONCE, but your vote will only be registered if you complete the form by following the link below. This informal poll will be open until May 31, 2011, and the winning name will be announced in our Fall Issue!

The voting process is now closed, you will be able to see the winning name in our next issue!