European Association for Psychotherapy

Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy


17th European Congress of Psychotherapy

crisis: change and challenge





1-4 july 2010


The European Association for Psychotherapy represents 128 organizations from 41 countries in Europe and brings together more than 120.000 psychotherapists.

On the basis of the Strasbourg Declaration on Psychotherapy from 1990, the European Association for Psychotherapy represents the standard of training and scientific basis for an independent practice of psychotherapy.

The Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy aims for: the development and affirmation of psychotherapy, Romanian psychotherapy alignment to the international professional standards, certification of psychotherapy as an independent profession and facilitating communication between the associations of psychotherapy.

Participation fees according to registration period:

• registration between February 1- May 31: RFP/EAP members – 190 euro, other categories – 220 euro,
students/trainees – 175 euro

• registration between June 1 – July 1: RFP/EAP members – 210 euro, other categories – 240 euro,
students/trainees – 195 euro.

The College of Psychologists credits the event as follows:

• 5 credits for participation,
• 10 credits per workshop participation in the workshop program
• 10 credits for participation with paper
• 12 credits for participating as moderator/speaker.

The College of Physicians credits the event with 17 credits.

Secretariat Contact:

Daniela Ploeșteanu: dana_ploesteanu@yahoo.co.uk - Monica Constantinescu: monica_const@yahoo.com.








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