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September 2009

Special Report - Southern California Fires

When it became apparent that the Southern California fires were of clear cause for concern, Google Earth Outreach joined a cross-team group at Google that worked together to gather and make available a variety of resources relating to the fires.

In a time when access of quality information is critical, the role that geographically organized information can fulfill in providing a connection between the incidents and those who need and wish to know, form an integral part of the response mechanisms.

The resources collated offer users a suite of useful information, facilitating a greater awareness of the ever changing situation in Los Angeles County.

A centralized landing page coincided with a blog post on Google's LatLong blog to show; 

  • a My Maps map from the Los Angeles Times tracking the latest position of the fire,
  • status updates from the US Forest Service,
  • YouTube videos of the fire,
  • a Google News gadget with latest news and
  • other updates from relevant sources

Through, Twitter @earthoutreach continues to provide a substantial array of links and updates related to the role Google's geo tools play in involving and informing the public in a natural disaster scenario.

Updates to the Google Earth Outreach Showcase to highlight the increasing number of valuable Earth and also Maps annotations being created and managed by individuals and organizations to keep us all informed on a fluid situation.