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Janaury 2012

Seeing Beneath Stonehenge

Armchair archaeologists take note! You can now explore the many layers of Stonehenge in Google Earth with the Google Under-the-Earth: Seeing Beneath Stonehenge project. With Seeing Beneath Stonehenge, you can use Google Earth to interact with the exciting discoveries of the Stonehenge Riverside Project and learn more about the archaeology of this famous site. Download the KMZ to explore in Google Earth or get a sneak peek of what you’ll see in this YouTube video.

Atlantic Public Media

Ever wonder how Arctic Terns rack up enough mileage to fly to the moon and back three times? Find out by watching a Google Earth tour from the podcast series One Species at a Time, created by nonprofit organizations Atlantic Public Media and Encyclopedia of Life

In One Species at a Time, producers normally use sound to tell fascinating stories about biodiversity on this planet. With this podcast on the Arctic Tern, they've tried something new: using the touring feature in Google Earth to weave in geographic animation and imagery to tell the story of the Arctic Tern's great migration. To see this tour yourself, download the KML to view in Google Earth or watch it on YouTube. You can read more about how the producers put together the story in Google Earth on the Lat Long Blog. These tours were a product of a Google Earth Outreach Developer Grant

iNaturalist Android App
Planning a nature hike in this weekend? Try out the new Android app to record and map your observations of plants and animals that you see. 

This cool app lets you upload your observations to an online community of naturalists who can help you identify that mysterious critter or flower you're puzzling over. You can download the app at the Android Marketplace. This mobile app was a product of a Google Earth Outreach Developer Grant.

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