cocktail talk sutras

Of minimal syllabary, unambiguous, pithy,
comprehensive, continuous, and without flaw: 

who knows the sūtra knows it to be thus.
(Wikipedia quote)

recipe for whatever comes next
to a willing suspension of disbelief add flour, molasses
and cloves -
bake a while (are you done yet?)

Zen relationship
the good guy that can be self-proclaimed
is not the good guy. namaste, anyway.

or so he says
he comes from stock with a long history of
legerdermaine and curmugeonry. don't we all?

meditation for two
the sacred sounds "um-hmm, hon," slide
across the home space. peace be with you.

looking back
the horses have escaped that barn: no
sorrow needed, and no congratulations.

mean girls

you have nothing on her. that other girl,
she has the gold star. you know what to do.

public opinion
what you think is not what you get, yet it is often
confused … and that's a good place to stop.

states of mind
disturbed, dull, distracted. single-minded,
in charge: a world of possibilities for this date.

so now that that’s clear, what goes
in the bowl next? the next lesson.

it must be love
making no comment, drinking my truly bad coffee along the trail,
then washing the stained old camp cup in some nameless creek.

maybe not -
you the self-ordained arbiter may issue critiques -
once you’ve done something; once you’ve been asked.

2 a.m. meditation
not ready to be forgiven - a mountain of mistakes:
the pattern repeats when we weave like this

navigating community
if you don't know what it is, you get to
make it up, and so does everyone.