Public Warning about internet hosting

This is my testimony of my 'business ' experience with of Pennsylvania as a notice to public to be cautious in doing business with them .

Open Letter to ICANN and and copy of the email I sent to them, the FBI and the NY Times also today:

ICANN,and, stop the theft of all my domains on I paid $371 in May 2009 to renew all domains that were up for renewal and I have proof of that if it goes to Court. Fraud and theft of money and cybercrime into my accounts are crimes. I saw on the whois info for domains this am that my domain of has been hijacked by and it is mine. I have paid to renew all domains on all of my packages every time they were renewed and every time they were properly billed. If the interent becomes the sort of fleecing the public of when a person builds up years worth of public attention and public internet presence and builds a reputation and builds websites and showcases paintings, sketches and drawings on them for the internet hosting company to steal the payments to renew them AND steal the websites and domains is FRAUD. I have many paintings and original sketches and words on display in the name of and that name belongs to me and always did. See, and and also and also and also for more on this topic. Also all of the domains on three different business packages that began with the first one in about 2003 that had on it are MINE and I did not forsake them and I did not abandon them and I did not transfer them. And also the package on 1and1 that has my family name of belongs to me and also the domains on it of:'
http:/ and .info and .? one other for my oldest daughter Jennifer Borelli's of Nebraska preschool licensed in Nebraska;but I created websites for her; and paid for them;
and [for my youngest daughter Leigh Bills and her husband Matt in Missouri that i also paid for and set up the blog for them as Christmas present];
And compare these websites on the above named domains to these websites of mine and the content and themes : [children of THE FATHER in heaven]
I intend to get these domains and websites back. Tell me plainly if I must sue to accomplish this since ` is guilty of fraud and cybercrime and theft of my name and identity and intellectual properties of my genre photos, my photos of my paintings, sketches and drawings,my teachings on the web as a Registered Nurse licensed in Colorado on the Moodle site on and that Moodle knows that i own and write; and of my poems including I'm Telling Someone, God Wins! and The Nightmare Returns that others know of and that are posted on other sites also. And remember that felon cocaine addict abuser of women and violent second exhusband [man] named Dana Ben Pappas is NOT the father of my two grown daughters since they are from my first marriage and he has no say-so in their lives or in my life. He is history and he should be in prison for his many crimes against me that are documented in hospitals, courtrooms, my written testimony to Courts and in person testimony also and on the internet to help police find him.

/s/ Gloria Poole, owner and registered agent of Life Media & Publishing LLP and also of words that WORK,LLP and also of my name as written any way but especially as a trade name of gloriapoole® registered to me in Colorado and renewed to me in my real namme of Gloria Poole, after second divorce in Arapahoe County Colorado in Oct 2007.
cc;to myself to several emails for record keeping

Today's date is 24-June-2009 at 9:52AM, Denver Colorado time [mountain time]