New School OSDA
Attn: Sustainability Committee
55 West 13th Street, ground floor
New York City, NY 10011



The New School Sustainability Committee (NSSC) is a cross-divisional student-governed group, open to any member of the University community.

The group seeks to open a dialogue within the University community regarding the interrelationship between environmental concerns and topics such as economic foresight, political sustainability, and social justice.

We seek to promote an awareness of the energy and natural resource inputs into the built environment of the campus - we also seek to identify the University’s full ecological footprint, both within the city (direct) and elsewhere (indirect).

The NSSC's stated goal is to identify, mitigate, and reduce the negative environmental impacts we observe and participate in on campus.



Every Monday, 6 pm ~ 55 West 11th St (Lang B), rm. 101 



  • Ryan Wood, Chair
  • Zeno Levy, Co-chair
  • Allan Robles, Communications Officer  
  • Julia Schweizer, Secretary
  • Veronica Miles, Treasurer
  • Nevin Cohen, Faculty Advisor