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The Philip Kapneck Biography at

Kapneck Business formula story with references to some California businesses using the formula.

Original Philip Kapneck story with references to the Ambassador's contacts and his efforts during the most recent downturn.

Complete Ambassador Philip Kapneck Surfing the Wave of Goodwill story at the student operated press.
This story includes references to Philip Kapneck's positions while working for the State of Maryland, plus information about the annual Embassy Night events the Ambassador attended.

Boca Raton story about Philip Kapneck working for the people of Maryland.

Story about the 2013 annual Embassy Night at the World Trade Center Institute, including the speakers for the evening and the gathering of the Diplomatic Corps. Includes a reference to the 2012 Embassy Night.

Patch story "With leaders like Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck who has given to the state by working hard to create jobs" about Maryland, that refers to Ambassador Kapneck's work as the State's Trade Ambassador.

Philip Kapneck Applauds University of Maryland Business Model Challenge in the Newswire story from 2013.
Philip Kapneck, the Maryland Trade Ambassador, applauded the University of Maryland’s Technology Enterprise Institute for their support of Business in Maryland, through their excellent Business Model Challenge.

TMC covers the story about Philip Kapneck welcomeing the University of Maryland's Cupid's Cup Business Competition held in 2014. Thanks to Kevin Plank, University of Maryland Alumnus, the Cupid's Cup Business Competition offers top student entrepreneurs a chance to compete for cash prizes.

Philip Kapneck Wins NewsBlaze 2015 Business Support Award For 40 Years Service. Story at sprout news.

Slideshare project, Philip Kapneck, noted improving Maryland job numbers. The Ambassador regularly reviews Maryland's economy. Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck brought many thousands of companies to Maryland over his forty years service. The companies created hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Reference to the official Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck website

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Reference to 25 year business celebration in Washington DC

Maryland Flag Flying

Philip Kapneck School Photo