Hyde Park Considers Zoning Questions

posted Oct 4, 2012, 10:45 AM by News & Citizen

by Andrew Martin 

  Governing boards in Hyde Park are moving forward with a consideration of several zoning issues regarding two facilities in the town. The Hyde Park Selectboard and Development Review Board (DRB) will be holding several meetings in the coming weeks as they move forward with deciding how to address concerns about both Common Acres Campground and Recreational Park and the Webster Barn at Sterling Meadows Farm. Both are located not far off Route 100, between Hyde Park Village and North Hyde Park. 

Possible zoning enforcement regarding the two locations has been ongoing in the last few months. A DRB meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 2, at 7 p.m. at the Hyde Park Town Offices. At that meeting appeals will be heard regarding notices of violation that were issued to both Common Acres and the Webster Barn. Common Acres has submitted an appeal of the Notice of Potential Violation for an unpermitted public gathering at the location. The Notice of Potential Violation for Common Acres was issued on August 23 and the appeal will be examined using the 2009 Hyde Park Zoning Regulations. Common Acres has been reviewed by the Hyde Park DRB in the past and approved for campsites and accessory structures, but a condition in that prior permit stated that all necessary state permits be acquired and any changes in the use of the venue be brought before the DRB for review. 

A second appeal, submitted by Ralph Larson (owner), will be heard at the October 2 meeting regarding a Notice of Potential Violation at the Webster Barn pertaining to an unpermitted public gathering. The appeal was made in response to the August 20 Notice of Potential Violation and will also be examined using the 2009 Hyde Park Zoning Regulations. The appeals by both Common Acres and the Webster Barn will be reviewed by the DRB, which will then have 45 days to decide to either uphold, dismiss, or modify the notices of violation against each entity. 

Along with the DRB, the Hyde Park Selectboard is also taking action regarding possible zoning violations. The recent Hick Jam event held at Common Acres over Labor Day weekend raised several more issues with loud public events being held at the site, and due to that the board has decided to take action. At their September 13 meeting the board decided to send a letter to Act 250 regarding Common Acres. The letter will state that the Town of Hyde Park objects to the issuance of an amended Act 250 permit for Common Acres which would allow for future events similar to Hick Jam to occur “due to the negative impact on the community.” A draft of the board’s letter will be reviewed at their October 11 meeting. 

A decision by the Act 250 administrators regarding the amended permit for Common Acres should occur sometime in the near future.