2011 HGTV Dream Home Comes to Stowe

posted Jul 28, 2010, 7:14 PM by News & Citizen   [ updated Oct 20, 2010, 12:16 PM ]
by Andrew Martin

STOWE – Home and Garden Television’s annual Dream Home sweepstakes is coming to Lamoille County. Every year the popular cable television network holds a show in which it builds a Dream Home and then gives the house away in a nationwide sweepstakes. For the 2011 edition of the show the town chosen for the site of the Dream Home was Stowe.

The 2011 Dream Home will be built on Spruce Peak near the Stowe Mountain Resort. The home will have three bedrooms, including a master bedroom, a guest bedroom, and a dorm-like bedroom for children. It will also include three and a half bathrooms, a large kitchen, two large family or living rooms, and several outdoor porches and patios that provide great views of the surrounding mountains.

“It’s [the Stowe site] a spectacular place and the perfect location for our 15th anniversary home,” said HGTV Dream Home Planner Jack Thomasson. The Stowe Dream Home was designed by local architect Paul Rousselle, of Stowe, who has done work for the Stowe Mountain Resort before. According to Rousselle, “Thomasson was very impressed with the Stowe area and thought that the mountains where the home would be built were alluring.”

Rousselle, who was awarded the commission for the Dream Home in late February, went on to state that the house is his attempt to create Thomasson’s modern interpretation of the Adirondack Great Camps, which were built in the upstate New York mountain range in the late 19th century. Thomasson himself further explained the makeup and design of the house when he stated that, “The HGTV Dream Home is the first in Vermont, and we intend to show the features that make this location so amazing.”

Rousselle further explained this idea when he stated that the house is meant to represent both a unique Vermont style and the ski lodges common to the area. “I wanted to make this house a celebration of Stowe and what Stowe is about,” stated Rousselle. A great deal of effort was also taken to bring the outdoors into the home. Two examples of this are the large windows in the master and downstairs bedrooms that directly line up with the Chin and provide a stunning view of Mt. Mansfield.

The Stowe Dream Home is being constructed by Gristmill Builders of Stowe, and according to Rousselle the construction costs of the house are estimated to be at $800,000. The site around the house will also be fully developed and the inside of the Dream Home will be completely furnished and decorated by the time that it is given away in April of 2011. According to Rousselle, the total costs of construction, furnishing, site development, and other expenses for the home should run somewhere around $2.5 million. At this time construction is in full swing, with the roof framing having just been completed and the windows scheduled to go in sometime in the next few days. Construction on the house is scheduled to be finished no later than October 15 of this year.