Cadys Falls Bridge Opening Pushed Back

posted Aug 31, 2012, 7:20 AM by News & Citizen

by Mickey Smith

  Although the weather has not been an issue, a Calderwood Engineering report recommended some changes to the original plans developed by CCS Constructors for the repair of the Cadys Falls Bridge.

The changes came about after the concrete deck was removed from the bridge and engineers were able to inspect areas beneath the deck more closely.

Morristown Town Administrator Dan Lindley said there was an expectation right along that more issues might be found once they opened up the deck.  Most of the additional work includes adding steel that was found to be in poor shape.  The reports mentions the “cross bracing angles below the deck were found to be in poor condition with some not even connected at the ends.” 

The total amount of changes are expected to increase the project by 18.75 days, for a monetary total of $37,486.47.  The extra work (but not unforeseen) is expected to push back the bridge’s re- opening to about September 17.     

Once reopened, the weight limits on the bridge will be removed and the bridge will be open to all traffic including trucks.  The rehab project will cost about $350,000, of which $137,000 came from a state grant. By making these repairs, Lindley expects the life of the bridge to increase by at least another 25 years.