Published in News and Citizen 2-24-15

Big Plans for 2015
By Gordon Tallman

Well, a New Year’s here
The old one’s Spent
I’m Amazed
How fast it went

They dropped the ball
I saw ‘em do it
Another year
And I lived through it

Now, I’m up and going
Out of bed
Had my porridge
And a slice of bread

Stacked the dishes
In the sink
They’ll set a while
Right there – I think

Took all my pills
Just like I’d oughter
And washed them down
With good spring water

They seem to keep me
Going – though
What they’re all for
I still don’t know

Now – I’d oughta shave
My fact – but then
Those whiskers just
Grow back again

Still I’ve got big plans
For 0 – fifteen
The likes of which
You’ve never seen

You see – my cabin’s
Kinda unappealing
Got cobwebs hanging
From the ceiling

It does need cleaning
As I look around
But it don’t last
Is what I’ve found

But if I get started
I won’t stop
I’ll clean this place
From bottom to top

Yep - there’ll be some changes
In this old shack
Once I get going
I won’t hold back

I may wash the windows
Or maybe sweep the floor
And I should put some hinges
On the bathroom door

If I get time
I’ll make a list
In case there’s some
Small thing I missed

It’ll be a while
‘Fore I get to it
Ain’t no need
To overdo it

Well I see the sun
Has just come up
And the coffee’s cold
In my coffee cup

And with all those plans
To think about
I’m just about
All tuckered out

So with that said
I think I’d best
Go back to bed
I need some rest