New River Foundation--Onslow County NC

Restoring and protecting the White Oak Water Basin

Through education and stewardship, the New River Foundation is dedicated to restoring

and  protecting the quality of the local public trust waters.”

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Situated within the White Oak River Basin, the New River begins and ends in Onslow County. It is said to be 40 miles long and ranges from two to five miles in width. Onslow County, located in Eastern North Carolina, is also home to  Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base and New River Air Station.

The New River Foundation, Inc. is a grassroots advocacy organization restoring and protecting our rivers from polluters.


 "A river runs through us.."  Russel Rivera

 (photos courtesy:  Dr. Reyes & NRF photographer Bert Bilodeau)

Marine volunteers

 Team Postreich(Kurt & Rhelda)

New River

Alligator weed