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West End Bowls Club 1938 - 81 years later and still looking good!

  Report w/e 8th September from Malc McCarthy        

Pat McCarthy wins first all ladies singles final


Newquay West End had their annual bowls festival last week thanks to the support of local sponsors Andrew Henwood funeral director who supports both ourselves and Trenance, and two new sponsors White Acres holiday park and the Sailors Arms, both of which agreed at very short notice for which we thank them and look forward to a long relationship. Sainsbury kindly donated 8 car parking spaces for the week which was an incredible help. Local businesses also supported us with items for our raffles and items for our auction from, Bookers, Carnmarth Hotel, Floortech West, Little Gem, Mannings Hotel, Newquay Zoo, Sailors Arms, Sainsburys, Truscotts, The Walkabout, The Griffin Inn, and The Cribber.

The Festival was very well attended so much so that next year entries will be caped to 64 singles 32 pairs and 32 triples on a first come basis, anyone interested in entering next season email Many of the competitors travelling great distances from all over the country to play, but Bob Brownlee who comes every year wins the title of furthest journey as he comes all the way from Australia to participate. The weather was mainly dry with the exception of Friday, but this did not dampen spirits and a good standard of bowling continued.

We had two unfortunate incidents which put a bit of a damper on the week, Mike Blakeman a long time competitor who travelled down from Gloucestershire every year to take part during the first game of the day, collapsed on the green and sadly passed away despite the best efforts of the emergency services who responded very quickly. Two days later another competitor collapsed and the emergency services attended and this time saved the day. I cannot thank them enough, both the ambulance service and Town Beach RNLI life guards who were both in attendance at both incidents.

After Mikes passing play was suspended until the following day as a mark of respect, and knowing Mike as I did I know he would have wanted us to continue with the Festival, we had a minutes silence and again at the presentation and flew the club flag at half mast for the rest of the week in respect.

On the Wednesday play started at 8am and continued right though to a dimpsy 8pm with reduced ends matches but we caught up thanks to the cooperation of all the competitors. The green played very well according to those who won their matches the only complaints coming from the losers. The heads were tight and the bowling was of a very high standard so the green must have been playing well.

Finals day was on Saturday and the weather thankfully stayed dry, the club was well supported with many spectators who had a great time watching a feast of bowling. The first final on at 10 am was local pairing Terry Williams and Barrie Stephens playing Redruth pairing Brian Morrish and Glynn Pettifor, it was a great game keeping the spectators enthralled with the local pairing of Barrie and Terry winning to the crowd’s delight.   

The next game on at about 1pm was a Trenance trio of Janice and Steve Bridge skipped by Paul Sutcliffe, they were playing a all male Southampton trio, and went into the last end 17 points all but despite their best efforts the local team dropped a 2, they should be very proud of their performance, all three played very well.

The Open Singles final was the most anticipated match as it was the first time in the Festivals 32 year history that we had an all women final, Gloucestershire Johns player and 4 x England trialist Iona Bird was playing West Ends own Pat McCarthy. The game started on schedule at 2.30 with a nip and tuck start to 5 all, then Iona found her feet and charged ahead to 13 points to 6, Pat then got her gander up and scored a four to pull herself back into the game, doggedly she fought to even the score at 13 all. The game was a stunning display of bowling when Iona was holding, Pats determination showed and the crowd applauded both players. Pat was the definite underdog despite that she was on 20 points to Ionas 16, Iona started the end with a back toucher and picked up a 1 meaning either player could win the game in one end. Iona bowled three great woods to hold 3 when Pat pushed her own wood in for third wood to relieve the pressure, the atmosphere could have been cut with a knife, Iona’s last wood didn’t count, Pat got on the mat, got ready to bowl, got off the mat changed her hand and bowled her last wood, she played with controlled weight and took the jack back with a perfect contact   to score the shot she needed. The crowd erupted; the two ladies shook hands and cuddled to end a great game that was played in the best of spirits.

After a minutes silence, thanks were given by President Malc McCarthy, Sponsor Andrew Henwood presented the players with their trophies, an engraved glass and winnings to round off a difficult but enjoyable Festival for another year. Entries for next year are open and all the competitions singles pairs and triples are open to teams of one sex or mixed sexes.


For more information about club activities find us on facebook, or phone 01637839039

PRESIDENT’S WELCOME for 2019 season


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