Notes from the General Meeting at The Lane Theatre,
Tuesday 10th July at 11.00 am

The award winning lecturer and retired Professor, Ian Barclay, gave us a talk on the “History of Cartoons” ranging from Ancient Egyptian days, right through until modern times. His talk covered Hogarth’s “Gin Lane” cartoon, James Gilroy’s “Gout” cartoon, Punch cartoons, Russian Lubok art, and even cartoon strips based on “Pauline and the Matches.”

Then he brought back some memories of children’s comics such as “Boys’ Own Paper”, “Dandy”, “Beano”, “Eagle” and “Bunty”. He took us through the transformation of Disney’s “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” who gradually morphed into “Mickey Mouse” and showed us the X-rated “Fritz the Cat”. Even Shakespeare got a mention.

The talk progressed to the war years and the usefulness of cartoons getting our lads to join up and our women to do men’s work while our lads were at war. Of course, saucy seaside postcards had to get a mention too.

He told us how, in our modern society, the cartoon artwork has changed somewhat. Hundreds of cartoon artists have been replaced by hundreds of computer programmers, and he demonstrated how that was done. Ian wound up his talk showing a few cartoons for which we had to guess the punch lines. We didn’t do very well. They seemed so obvious when we were given the answers though!

Ian was well received by our U3A audience. It was a very interesting talk.



Our Chairman thanked the speaker and went on to our General Meeting Agenda.
  1. Apologies for Absence: Apologies were received from Chris Bramhall, Chris Squibb and Del Brown. 

  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 12th May 2018 were signed off by our chairman, Gret Woodason. 

  3. Matters Arising: There were no matters arising.
  4. Chairman’s Report 
    Car parking at the Lane Theatre was an issue again today. People are leaving too much space between cars meaning we cannot get enough cars into the car park. Gret asked if we could have a volunteer to be car park marshal. We have a hi-vis vest available to wear.
    The post-Christmas lunch is being organised for January 2019 at the Sandy Lodge Hotel, where we had it last February.
    Gret repeated her previous appeals for a Vice Chairman to eventually take over from her at the end of her term next year, noting that we also will need a Secretary and a Treasurer, whose terms of office will also be up. 

  5. Vice-Chairman’s Report: 
    We have no Vice-Chairman at present – we need one urgently!

  6. Secretary’s Report: 
    There was nothing to report.

  7. Treasurer’s Report: 
    Current Income to 30th June 2018 £3,514 
    Estimated Expenditure for Year £2,735 
    Petty Cash £137 
    Refreshment Fund Balance £150 

  8. Group Co-ordinator’s Report:
    Margaret reminded us that we will also need a new Group Co-ordinator next year, and asked for volunteers. 
    The Antiques and Collectables Group have a change in their usual date for their meeting which, will be Monday 23rd July starting at 10:15am. 
    Margaret was glad to report that we now have new joint organisers for “Food with Friends”: Val and Rachel. 

  9. Membership Secretary’s Report
    Shirley reported there were 79 members, 1 visitor and 1 guest from another U3A present at the meeting. She also reminded everyone that those members who had not completed their GDPR compliance forms should do so, and return them as soon as possible. 

  10. Publicity Co-ordinator’s Report
    Gret is working on the September newsletter and would welcome more contributions of material for it: articles and maybe a quiz.
  11. Programme Secretary’s Report: 
    The popular Brian Freeland is returning in October 2019 to give us George Bernard Shaw’s “Playing the Clown”. 

    We have also booked a committed conservationist who lives in Cornwall and Africa, Richard Peirce. He specialises in the conservation of sharks, elephants and lions in Africa. His talk will be in November 2019 entitled “Cuddle Me, Kill Me”, the title of his latest book about Lion Breeding. 

  12. Website Coordinators Report
    Newquay U3A now has a Facebook page. Valerie is improving and modernising our presence on the web to attract new members, whilst maintaining our old website. Details of the new website will be at the next meeting.
    Gret also announced that Valerie is reviving her Creative Writing Group, meeting on 19th July at 2pm at the Lanherne, which Gret will be joining. 

  13. Interest Groups 
    Garden Appreciation Group
    Margaret said that last month they had a very hot but successful coach trip to Overbecks, the National Trust property and gardens near Salcombe in Devon. The narrow roads were a bit difficult for the coach to negotiate and the coach company said they won’t be going there again! 

    24th July is Peter’s annual Garden Party at his house, 6 Veor Road, at 2:00pm. All are welcome. Please bring a plate of food to share and a fold up chair if possible.
    28th August will be a visit to Tremenheere Sculpure Gardens, Penzance, where we have been before, but there are bound to be new sculptures. The mini-bus is full, but cars will be going too.
    25th September will be Bonython Gardens, Helston. Deposits for this visit will be taken at the September meeting.
    Walking Group: 
    Sheila said the Watergate Bay walk went ahead okay, even though she didn’t go. They did the Crantock walk last week, but saw no poppies. Their walk included Polly Joke and they ended up, as usual with a bevy and bite. Some of her group went to the Newquay Carnival last weekend and had a great time.

    Singing for Fun Group
    Gret said that they went to Crantock Memory Cafe to lead a sing-along. They were very well received. A report about it can be seen here: 

  14. Any Other Business: None.
  15. Date and time of Next General Meeting
    No meeting in August. Next meeting will be Tuesday 11th September from 10.30am for 11.00am start when group leaders will showcase their groups and tell us all about what they do. 

  16. As we are in the FIFA World Cup season, Gret ended the meeting by telling us a football themed joke and the meeting ended with a laugh.


Notes from the General Meeting at The Lane Theatre 
on Tuesday 12th June at 11.00 am


Born in Sheffield the day Mussolini died in 1945, Mike Bearcroft gave us an amusing talk about his very varied life, starting as a junior footballer for Sheffield United, progressing through his career in sales and marketing until taking a change in direction. Wanting to join the acting profession, he started as an extra and eventually, having earned his Equity Card, he got small speaking parts in “The Bill”, and other TV programmes. Always looking for new ideas, he then founded a Murder Mystery company and a couple of other companies in the entertainment business. Mike never lost his passion for football though, and he went on to write his thriller novel “Dangerous Score” based on his in depth knowledge of what happens in a football club.

Mike seemed to be well received by our U3A audience, judging by the laughter at some of his anecdotes. He had threatened to talk for five hours, but on advice from our committee members he actually kept his talk to 45 minutes. Mike arrived early, set up his stage with the help of the staff of the Lane Theatre and then enjoyed chatting with us members of U3A. After his talk he stayed to autograph his books which were on sale after the meeting.



In the absence of our Chairman the meeting was addressed by Margaret Harris.

1. Apologies for Absence. 
Apologies were received from Gret Woodason, John Woodason, Chris Bramhall and Alison Ross.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 8th May 2018
Margaret Harris asked if everyone was happy that she should sign off the minutes.

3. Matters Arising. 
There were no matters arising.

4. Chairman’s Report
There was no official chairman’s report as Gret Woodason was on holiday. However Margaret asked if parking issues had been resolved and if anyone had a problem parking at this meeting. 

Margaret reiterated Gret’s previous appeals for volunteers to join the committee. At this meeting, due to holidays and illness, there were only four committee members present.

Margaret also emphasised the urgency for a Vice Chairman to eventually take over from Gret at the end of her term next year, and for volunteers to shadow the Treasurer, the Groups Coordinator and maybe even the Secretary, whose terms of office will also be due to end in the not too distant future.

5. Vice-Chairman’s Report. 
We have no Vice-Chairman at present – we need one urgently!

6. Secretary’s Report. 
There was no secretary’s report as John Woodason was on holiday. Committee member Valerie Tams took notes for the minutes of today’s meeting.

7. Treasurer’s Report.
Current Income to 31st May 2018     £3,339 
Estimated Expenditure for Year        £2,735 
Petty Cash                                           £137 
Refreshment Fund Balance                 £127

8. Group Co-ordinator’s Report. 
Margaret reported that several groups are on hold due to the organiser not being able to do it for one reason or another. She asked for volunteers to deputise or take over the organisation of the events. We especially need organisers for “Food with Friends” and for “Uno”.

9. Membership Secretary’s Report
Shirley reported there were 73 members present, 2 new members and 7 visitors at the meeting.

She also reminded everyone that membership fees must be paid a.s.a.p and asked those that had not done so to fill in their new membership forms and return them. 

She suggested that the new members and visitors should stay behind after the meeting to discuss whether they had enjoyed the meeting and to see if the visitors would now join U3A.

10. Publicity Co-ordinator’s Report.
No official report as Gret is on holiday, but Margaret said Gret would welcome items for her newsletter.

11. Programme Secretary’s Report. 
No report. Future bookings have already been made by Chris.

12. Website Coordinators Report. 
We are looking to improve the website. Valerie asked that the group leaders should check the webpage for their specific interest to see if they were happy with it and if not to send her details and/or photos to improve their page.

13. Interest Groups:- 
13.1 Garden Appreciation
We had very successful coach trip to RHS Rosemoor Gardens in Devon last month and it is suggested that we should go again next year, probably in June when the roses will be out. 

This month’s visit is to Overbeck’s near Salcombe by coach on 26th June, meeting at 9am at Chester Road Market. National Trust members entrance is free and payment for the coach is needed by this Friday, 15th June.

24th July is Peter’s annual Garden Party at his house in Veor Road. All are welcome. Please bring a plate of food to share and a chair if possible.

28th August will be a visit to Tremenheere Sculpure Gardens, Penzance. Sign up at next month’s general meeting.

13.2 Walking Group
Sheila said they had a very good time on their train trip and walk last month in the Luxulyan Valley, and an especially good time was had afterwards in the pub!

On their walk last week they found the lost church in Penhale Sands and went back for refreshments in Perranporth.`

13.3 Cornish Dancing 
Sheila said they have a couple of bookings for their Cornish Dancing display.

13.4 Family History. 
Sheila reminded everyone that she is still available to help anyone with researching their family history.

13.5 Line Dancing. 
Sheila said she is also thinking of starting a Line Dancing Group in the future.

14. Any Other Business.
Margaret reminded us of the Lane Theatre’s latest production “Lucky Balls” which runs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting tonight and until 25th July. She said that we could buy tickets at the desk after the meeting.

16. Date and time of Next General Meeting Tuesday 10th July - 10.30am for 11.00am Speaker: Ian Barclay – "The History of Cartoons" 


General Meeting at the Lane Theatre, Tuesday 8th May 2018 at 11.00 am


There was no speaker today as the Business Meeting was followed by the AGM

1. Apologies for Absence. Apologies were received from John & Miranda Taylor, Rosemary Plant, Sylvia Hanlon, Del Brown.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 10th April 2018. A copy was available on the noticeboard.

3. Matters Arising. There were no matters arising.

4. Chairman’s Report 

4.1 Car Parking at the Lane Theatre. The Chairman requested that members park economically and tidily to maximise space. She asked members to consider car-sharing and also requested a volunteer to assist in marshalling. It has been reported that members have arrived at the theatre and seeing no available parking space, turned back and left immediately.

    5. Vice-Chairman’s Report. We need to find a Vice-Chairman over the next 12 months to become Chairman, when Gret steps-down at the 2019 AGM.

    6. Secretary’s Report. The Secretary drew members’ attention to a GDPR 2018 Compliant Members Update Form made available today. All existing members are being asked to fill it in and return to the Membership Secretary

    7. Treasurer’s Report. 
Current Income to 30th April 2018                        £2,944

Estimated Expenditure for Year                            £2,735 

Petty Cash                                                                £137 

Refreshment Fund Balance                                     £139

  1. Group Co-ordinator’s Report.
    8.1 Groups On-Hold. Margaret observes that there are a number of Groups on hold. She requested that Groups make an effort to identify a deputy who could stand-in, to keep groups running.

    8.2 Co-ordinator replacement. Margaret intends stepping-down at the next AGM and requested a member to come alongside her to learn how to produce the Events Sheet.

    8.3 Newquay U3A Website. Interest group leaders are asked to check whether their group details on the website are up to date. If not, could they communicate with Valerie Tams, please.

  1. Membership Secretary’s Report. Shirley reported there were 44 members present today with 1 visitor. She also requested that members report to her significant birthdays & any significant illnesses so that a card or other communication is sent. 
  1. Publicity Co-ordinator’s Report. Gret requested group leaders or members send her details of past events with accompanying photos for submission to the next newsletter. She also requested updates on the groups for publication in the next tri-fold.

  2. Programme Secretary’s Report. No report.

  3. Website Co-ordinator’s Report. We’re pleased to announce that Valerie Tams has expressed an interest in taking over this role.

  4.  Interest Groups 

    13.1 Yoga group is on hold as Noreen, the leader, is ill and no-one else is qualified to lead.

    13.2 Antiques & Collectables Mon 21 May. Chris B announced the subject will be Books.

    13.3 Garden Appreciation. Dot announced the coach for the trip to RHS Rosemoor on the 22nd May is now fully booked. There will be a different, receipt-based, system for booking trips in future. The trip to Overbeck’s on Tuesday 26th June is now fully booked, and a reserve list is available.

    13.4 Carvery Lunch at The Fort. The carvery lunch is not available on Sunday 27 May. The next lunch will be in September. 
  1. Other Miscellaneous Social Activities. 

    14.1 The Dam Busters At 75: Live from The Royal Albert Hall (PG) at 19:00 on Thu 17 May 2018 showing at The Lighthouse Cinema, Newquay.

  2. Any Other Business
    There were no items of any other business.

  3. Date and time of Next General Meeting Tuesday 12th June - 10.30am for 11.00am:
    Mike Bearcroft: ‘Spice of Life’, followed by the Business Meeting.