Help sites for IB courses

  General study skills

HOW TO LOG in to OSLIS and Gale
IB History
See file at bottom of page

chicago citation style

free on line citation maker: put info into Chicago style

IB History

IB History Guide

Rise and Fall of Single Party States Notes:
Causes of War Notes:
Civil Rights Notes:
Russia Notes:

IB History Notes:

Internal Assessment Essay 
 Study for the IB History Exam
Flash cards, developed by Liz Fox
IB English
General IB English assessment descriptions

Literary analysis
Oral Commentary Advice and Help
Oral Presentations
Quiz on Spanish terms:

Tutorials and what to know, great list of other help sites
IB Film

The best IB film site on the web-blocked at school, not sure why seems pretty appropriate site.  I think there is a social networking element to the site.
another good site: check out the links on the right:

 Standard level assessment:
Higher level assessment
high school student films

Extended Essay
IB Biology

Study Sites

AP Bio help

The Biology Project

Click this link and type in biology

IB Physics

Homework Help

IB TOK (my favourite site) (Gives collection of websites)
9 tips on good TOK Presentations:

Schools are advised that the electronic coversheet contains
all the candidate information required by the examiner.
Candidates must not use headers or footers to add their name,
session number or school name/logo to each page of their
TOK essay. 
Extended Essay:
Writing an abstract help

IB Theater

Director's Notebook

IB Theater course website
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