Newport High School opened it's door in the fall of 1964 in Bellevue, Washington. From the beginning, the Fine Arts were a central facet of the culture and life of Newport. In the "old building", as it is fondly referred to, the stage was simply a raised platform with curtains and sparse lighting in the corner of the cafeteria. Nonetheless, incredible performances were delivered in this modest setting. A complete re-build of the school was completed in 2007. Newport Fine Arts now enjoy a robust, formal theater setting in the Newport Performing Art Center. Newport's PAC has a 3/4 fly loft and can seat up to 650 people.

House Rules

No Food of any kind is permitted at any time. (Example: all consumables, including candy, cookies, chips, gum, seeds and items sold at concession)

No Liquids of any kind at any time. (including water)

No Cell Phone use. Cell phones are disruptive to patrons and performers.

Please turn them off before entering the Performing Arts Center (PAC).

"Horseplay" is strictly prohibited. Examples include: Running, climbing on or over chairs, railings or walls, jumping on or off of the stage

Smoking and alcohol are not permitted anywhere in or on School District property

Please treat this venue with respect to maintain our beautiful theater for future classes and performances.