Newport Deanery

Newport deanery is the northernmost deanery of Buckingham Archdeaconry. Its geographical area covers the parts of Milton Keynes unitary authority that are not in what is called the ‘Designated Area’, or more usually the New City. It consists of two towns, Newport Pagnell and Olney, with the 22 villages surrounding them, up to the border with Northamptonshire in the North, and East and South to the Bedfordshire border.  The total population of the area is about 28,000. The population does not look to one large town for its major services, but to three, Milton Keynes, Bedford and Northampton, depending on where people live.

Newport Pagnell butts onto the north-eastern edge of Milton Keynes, and whilst it is quite definitely a separate town, with its own town council and Mayor, the proximity of the New City makes the distinction harder to maintain than for Olney, about five miles from Newport, which as a town has an identity that is quite clearly distinct from Milton Keynes. 

The deanery is a group ministry, and has been since August 1996, though it was working as an informal group well before then.

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