Patton PTA

PTA (Parent - Teacher - Association)
Here at Patton we rely on our PTA to be the bridge that connects our parents to the school.

"Patton is a strong, community supported school.  This starts with our fabulous PTA.  The Patton PTA plays an integral part in the success of every student in every class.  Our PTA volunteers, from classroom helpers, to Room Parents, to Track and Field or Carnival organizers, play a major role in Patton's success.   Every parent has an opportunity to make an impact on their child's educational success through PTA."  - Mr. Alan Stevens, Former Patton Principal

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     The evidence is in. When schools and families work together to support learning, everyone benefits.

Students do better in school and in life.
Parents become empowered.
Teacher morale improves.
Schools get better.
Communities grow stronger.

 The Patton PTA main objective is to enhance the educational experience for all the children of Patton Elementary.

We do this in many ways. To learn more about each section of the PTA, click the links below. 

Support Students

·         Read Naturally

·         Yearbook Order Now

·         Library

·         Arts Day

·         T-Shirts

·         Carnival

·         Summer Play dates

·         After School Clubs

  Support Parents

·         Electronic Communication

·         Directory

·         Marquee

·         Website

·         Monthly Calendar

·         School Supply

·         Technology

·         Volunteer Coordination


Support Teachers

·         Room Parents

·         Workshop

·         Projects and Goals

·         Teacher Supply Reimbursement

·         Hospitality

·         Principal Fundraiser


·         Landscaping

·         Free T-shirts for Staff

The Patton PTA takes every opportunity possible to make a difference for our children.

At school, that starts with helping the teachers by filling volunteer positions, cutting down on teacher time in the workroom and being there for them with supply reimbursements and scholarships for professional development.  Let’s help teachers focus on teaching!

Our children spend 180 days of the year with their teachers.
Make every minute count by volunteering to help, staying current with communication and attending school functions.