Stay connected

Communication is the key to the success of every child

To be involved in your child's education, you need to know what is going on at the school. There are many ways to stay informed:
  • Facebook
  • Attend PTA Meetings and Principal's Coffees
  • Join the AISD Parent Cloud
  • Check back to this website for updates
  • Your child's agenda
  • Take-home flyers
  • Volunteer

You may want to "LIKE" us on Facebook. That way you can get quick reminders about Patton- related events or answer questions posted to parents. 

Your teacher will communicate with you directly through your child's agenda. Check it daily and use it to send notes back to your teacher.

Finally, check your child's backpack for flyers. Although we are trying to save money and the environment by not sending home too many items in paper form, sometimes it is unavoidable. 

Have you had a phone number change? Please inform the front office as well as your child's teacher as soon as possible so you can be contacted in case of emergency or illness.