An innovative 11-19 future facing school for South Oxfordshire

Welcome to Harwell Enterprise Academy

We believe that by looking at school education with a different focus and by situating the school in the heart of the vibrant science, technology, engineering and business campus at Harwell Oxford we can open up exciting possibilities to our pupils, giving them opportunities to discover how their enthusiasm, gifts and abilities can lead to stimulating and satisfying employment and adult life. These opportunities will be found both in the subjects taught and in the many and varied contacts through which they will experience business.

We are clear that there is a need to offer a core curriculum up to the age of 16 and to study for GCSEs. However because we want our pupils to have skills  and qualifications that fit them for the science and technology businesses around the school, alongside A levels we will also offer high level BTECs and City and Guilds qualifications that are related to those businesses. In addition, "skills foundation learning" will contain a higher level of input than would normally be expected from the business community. This will broaden the horizons of pupils, opening up opportunities to make education more relevant to the pursuit of their ambitions and the needs of today's businesses. Skills foundation learning will include business involvement such as: business people contributing in the classroom; pupils visiting businesses; real and virtual engagement with projects in businesses, and opportunities to participate national enterprise activities.

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Harwell Enterprise Academy is the proposal being put forward by the New Oxfordfordshire Schools Trust.