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  • On Sale July 2008 in the USA
    • 2 models in the US.
      • Base model is $69,850
      • Premium model is $71,900
  • PM platform meaning Prime Midship.
  • Dimensions:
    • 4655mm(183.2 in) L x 1895mm(74.6 in) W x 1370mm(53.9 in) H
    • Wheelbase 109.4-inch
  • Weight 1740 kg /3836 lbs ( 1730 with titanium muffler - 3814 lbs) (Autoweek - 3792 lbs)
  • Premium edition comes with a Thatcham class immobilizer and alarm (optional on the Base and Black Edition)
  • Premium edition comes with a Bose sound system (optional on the Base and Black Edition)
  • Side airbag system is optional on all 3 trims
  • Dampers, stability control and gearchange speed all have multiple settings to adjust their level of aggression.
  • A three-year service program is included with the purchase of each GT-R. This program consists of wheel alignments and engine and transmission checkups every year. Only those dealerships willing to invest in this equipment and training required by the factory have a shot at having GT-Rs grace their showrooms. In Japan, 10 percent of Nissan's sales outlets will offer GT-Rs and we expect a similar ratio Stateside.

Engine and Drivetrain:

  • The engine designation is VR38DETT (Twin Turbocharged 3.8-liter V6) 60-degree vee angle and bore spacing with Nissan's acclaimed VQ-Series, which is used in everything from the 350Z to several Infiniti SUVs. Few parts are shared between the two engine series.
  • 7000 rpm redline
  • The engine performance of the 3 trims is the same
  • IHI turbos with integrated exhaust manifolds
  • 10.2 psi (Car and Driver)
  • 473 horsepower @ 6400 rpms
  • 433 pound-feet of torque from 3200 to 5200 rpm.
  • 20-inch wheels wrapped by Bridgestone Potenza RE070s, 255/40 in front and 285/35 rears.
  • Front suspension was upper and lower A-arms and the rear was a five-link.
  • Bilstein Damptronic shocks: 3 settings R, Sports and Comfort
  • 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds
  • 11.7 seconds in the quarter mile
  • 192 mph top speed (Autoweek 193mph)
  • 7:38:54 Nurburgring
  • 0.99 lateral G
  • Carbon fiber propshaft
  • GR6 transmission -transaxle (The shifting is done via a direct, twin-clutch system. One clutch handles the odd gears and another clutch handles the even ones. Shifts take 0.2 seconds.) Aichi Kikai (Car and Driver)
  • Below 25 mph the torque split is 50/50, above that, under normal driving, the split is 40/60. But it can split up to 2/98 under hard acceleration.
  • Unlike versions of this system in other Nissan vehicles—the Infiniti G35x, for example—the GT-R setup employs a yaw sensor and is capable of instantly transferring torque from side to side, as well as fore-and-aft, as conditions dictate.

  • Mostly flat undertray
  • Front diffuser
  • Rear carbon fiber diffuser
  • Brembo Brakes

Standard Equipment:

  • HDD Satellite Navigation System
  • Electronic Traction Control
  • Cruise Control
  • Electrical Adjustable Seats
  • Heated Seat (Premium Edition)
  • MFD by Polyphony (Inside Line)


  • Titanium muffler (10 kg lighter)
  • Anti-theft immobilizer 250,000 JPY

  • Titanium muffler (10 kg lighter)
  • Anti-theft immobilizer 250,000 JPY