New Milford Public Library Young Adult Council


October 10th  is our first Young Adult Council Meeting.  This is for grades 6-12.


Get involved, Contribute, Hang-Out, Be Heard and Have Fun


Help us plan what you would like to see at the library.


Programs, Books, DVD’s,  Music.


Earn Community Service Hours (Hey, they look great on high school and college applications)


Write book reviews for our Teen Blog and be the first to take out our new books


This program meets the second Wednesday of each month from 6:30-7:45 pm.


Hope to see you here.


OR EMAIL and print log from the Teen Blog

100 pages earns one ticket
Facebook comments each earn a ticket
Teen Blog comments earn a ticket
Attend a Teen Program and earn a ticket

WIN a tote bag full of gift certificates, books and goodies.
One raffle a week

Riva Martin, Howard Ho, Jordan Cameron--High School
Clare Costello, Bailey Scribner and Jake Cleary--Middle School

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Spring/Summer 2012

Gaming Tuesdays--
Come and play Magic; Warhammar; Munchkin; Dungeons and Dragons or
Settlers of Catan or bring your own games  with Chris Fisher.  All skill levels.  Grades 5 and up.
6 to 7:30

Monopoly TournamentCome and join your friends and see if you can be this years champ.  Snacks
and prizes.  July llth from 2-4.  Registration Required

Circus Workshop. 
Join the Circus! Try your hand at juggling, unicycling, stilt walking, ball walking
and tumbling.  Matica Arts sponsored by the friends will present a workshop to learn these arts.
July llth from 6-7:30.  Registration Required.

Cupcake Decorating Contest--Bring your creativity and compete with friends.  July 18th from 2-3 pm.
Registration Required.

Ancient Art of Henna Workshop with ReMarkable Blackbird
  Learn about the art of Mehndi.  All
participants will have a Henna design applied.  Wednesday July 25th from 3:30-5:30.  Registration and
PERMISSION SLIP  required.  Sponsored by the Friends.

Murder Mystery  "Book Fair of Death"  Eleven actors and additional participants needed.  Help perform
the mystery or have fun solving it.  August 1st 2-3:30  Registration Required.

Swords and More 
Join Kathy Brenner as she does both Yang and Chen style bare handed routines; she will explain martial arts applications with the aid of volunteers and demonstrate with Jian (straight
sword) Dao (broad sword) and Guan Dao (spring and Autumn Falchion)  Program will be August 8th
at 6 pm.  Grades 5 and up.  Registration required and sponsored by the Friends.

College Transition Workshop-
June 16th 2:30 pm   Learn some tricks of the trade for coping
with ADHD if you are off to College from expert Valerie Cooper

Science Fair at Hill and Plain:
  May 24th at 5:30--Check out our Booth and see our fascinating
  experiments--make some ice cream on us!!  We ran out of ice cream-- THIS WAS A
TOTAL SUCCESS!!  Pictures to Come

Book Swap--June 20th 2-4 pm--Bring in your used books before hand, get tickets and "buy"
gently used titles.  All level books picture through high school.

Chess Tournament
-June 12th 4-6 pm  All ages and levels.  Prizes, T-Shirts and Fun

Science Fun-looking for participants to spend an hour, one Thursday morning this summer teaching
first through third graders a science project of their choice. 

Interested email me at or call 860 355 ll9l x 204

Check Back for Summer Programs
Summer Volunteer forms will be out mid-May.

Drop and Shop 2010
Our first annual Drop and Shop was a success.  The YA Council entertained children, ages 4-9 with crafts--making decorated graham cracker houses, clay snowmen, playing games, and performing puppet shows and watching a movie.  Thanks for all the wonderful help.  

December Meeting--
The Young Adult Council celebrated the Holidays with their annual Holiday Meeting.  Grab bag gifts were passed Left and Right as the Winter Story dictated.  An evening of Wii fun and  food followed.  The Prep meeting for the Drop and Shop is Tuesday, December 14th at 6:30.  Creative ideas welcome.  Area merchants have been invited to display flyers or gifts certificates to be raffled off. 

November Meeting
The Young Adult Council decided not to have the traditional holiday party.  We are replacing it with a drop in story and craft time for ages 4-7, Tuesday, December 21st so that parents can do some holiday shopping.
National Gaming Day is Saturday.  Come and play video or board games with libraries across the nation.

Discussion was begun on how the library can become more of an online presence.  Suggestions are welcome.  The Creative Writing Club will begin the first Wednesday in January at 4 pm.  Come in and fill out a YA Book Brawl Voting Form and receive a coupon for a free ice cream.  The next YA Meeting is December 8th.

Upcoming Programs

Story and Craft Time given by YA Council Tuesday, December 21st for 4-7 year olds
National Gaming Day November 13th at 2:30 pm
Stockmarket Program starts October 18th 4-5 pm

Chess--2nd Tuesday of each month 4-5
Anime Addicts--3rd Wednesday of each month 4-5:30
Book Club--4th Wednesday of each month 4-5
    November Book is "The Knife of Never Letting Go" by Ness
Creative Writing Club begins January 5th at 4 pm

Check for Registration

Look at Our Pictures!!!!

  View our Slideshows

November YA Meeting--Watch us Play "Evolution aka Ultimate Person or Transformation"

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June 23 Book Swap*Bring your gently used books, starting June lst.  On June 23 from 2-4 bring your tickets to pick out new books.

WE SWAPPED OVER 1000 BOOKS   Look  at the fun we had

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July 7th-Sidewalk Chalk Fun-*  2-5 pm Come and test your chalk art skills on the library’s sidewalks.  Cool off with Rootbeer Floats and friend.  If it rains, watch a movie.  It was HOT! HOT! HOT!  Check out our chalking pix and then cooled off with Rootbeer Floats and an impromptu talent show.

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July 14th-Circus Workshop by Matica Arts*6-7:30 pm ball and club juggling, diabolo, devil stick, unicycling, and ball walking.

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July 21st– Teen Iron Chef 6-7:45*Get your secret ingredient and design your masterpiece

July 28th-Annual Monopoly  Tournament*

2-4 pm  Be this years winner!!

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August 4—Warhammer Tournament*

Bring your Warhammer collection and battle it out with Masters  Chris Fisher and Kevin Brenner.

August 11-Get Ready for Mockingjay *

2-3:30 Cardboard Tube Fighting, Survival

Games, Food and  Fun

Chess Club                                                        2nd Wednesday 4 pm
Anime Club   (Gr 6-12)                                       3rd Wednesday 4 pm
Teen Talk Book Club  (Gr 6-12)                          4th Wednesday 4 pm

See the Young Adult Council in Action.  Here they are recognized for all their hard work!!

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March Madness with the YA Council
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Even With Snow Predicted, It was a Success!!
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Working Hard for Our Young Holiday Party

Teens Holiday Party December 2009  Check out the slideshow  Happy Birthday Carly, Zach

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Check out the details on our Teen Blog   

October 2009 Meeting
  Happy Birthday Michela
Who Wins? Ninja, Gorilla or Pirate?

Look at Our Celebration of National Gaming Day
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November 2009 Young Adult Council Meeting

 Get to Know the Council "Snowball" Fight

Fall Craft