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General Chairman: Robert Wilson
Email: wilsonrh444@gmail.com 
Coaches Chair: Bobbie Goldie

Sanction Manager: Philipp Djang
Email: philipp.djang@gmail.com

Registration Chairman: Cristina Kawamoto
Mail: 7404 Coachman St NE
Abq. NM, 87109

Phone: (505) 352-4276
Email: cskawamoto@hotmail.com

Website Administrator: Nick Decker
Top Ten and Pool Certification: Jonathan Berry
Treasurer: Barbara Deshler
Secretary: Robert Wilson

NMMS Board Descriptions
General Chairman - The General Chairman shall be responsible for the day-to-day management of the business affairs of the LMSC. He or she shall call meetings when and where deemed necessary and shall preside at all meetings. He shall appoint committee chairmen for such standing and special committees as may be necessary to fill the duties and responsibilities of the LMSC, all with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors.
Secretary - The Secretary is responsible for keeping a record of all meetings, conducting official correspondence, issuing meeting notices and minutes of meetings, and making such reports as may be required by USMS.
Treasurer - The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing the annual budget for review and approval by the Chairman and Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall receive all the monies and pay all the bills approved by the Board of Directors or authorized by a budget approved by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all financial records, including bank and checking records, and for making timely reports (at least annually) to the Board of Directors.
Registration Chairman - The Registration Chairman shall be responsible for registration of swimmers. 

NMMS Job Descriptions
Coaches Chair: The Coaches Chair shall be responsible for maintaining a list of coaches within NMMS, facilitating communication among the coaches, distributing information on coach training opportunities, soliciting club and workout groups to determine interest in hosting coach and swimming clinics, act as a resource in providing coaching and training information, and serving as an ambassador in helping other coaches grow or start their programs.
Sanction Manager: The Sanctions Manager shall be responsible for maintaining a sanctions/recognition packet to supply to meet directors, and issuing sanctions and recognitions for events held within the New Mexico LMSC boundaries.
Top Ten RecorderThe Top Ten Recorder shall be responsible for compiling and reporting the Top Ten times for each course (SCY, LCM, and SCM) to be rolled up to the USMS Top Ten recorded by the respective deadlines, reporting any USMS national records and world records achieved in the NM LMSC in the appropriate format (USMS Rule Book Appendix B) and including all top ten times achieved by swimmers from other LMSCs, and reporting all Top Ten Relay times that include the required information (105.1.4 USMS Rule Book).  The Top Ten Recorder shall also be responsible for pool measurement and reporting for sanctioned meets held in the New Mexico LMSC.
Website AdministratorThe Web Master shall be responsible for maintaining the New Mexico Masters Swimming website.

United States Masters Swimming Rule Book (external link)
United States Masters Swimming Long Distance Manuals (external link)