Computational Modeling of Complex Systems:


  • Melanie Mitchell, “Complexity: A Guided Tour”
  • PCAST report “Designing a Digital Future”  (December 2010)

Computational Thinking:


  • Lee et. al. “Computational Thinking for Youth in Practice”. ACM Inroads, March 2011
  • Cuny, Snyder, Wing.  “Computational Thinking: A Definition”. ACM SIGCSE, 2010

Computer Programming:


  • Bell et. al. “CS Unplugged”
  • Goode and Chapman. “Exploring Computer Science” version 2.0

Advocating for Computer Science Education & Pursuing a Teaching Endorsement in Computer Science:

   Readings and Materials:

  • Cuny. “A Clean Slate Approach to High School CS”. (Powerpoint presentation, July 2010.)
  • Gal-Ezer and Stephenson. “Computer Science Teacher Preparation is Critical:”  ACM-Inroads.
  • CSTA. “Ensuring Exemplary Teaching in an Essential Discipline: Addressing the Crisis in Computer Science Teacher Certification”.
  • Wilson et. al. “Running on Empty: The Failure to Teach K-12 Computer Science in the Digital Age”.

Diversity and recruitment:

   Readings and Materials:

  • Margolis. “Stuck in the Shallow End”.  MIT Press.
  • McGrath Cohoon, “Recruiting Messages for More and Different Students” (Powerpoint presentation,. 2010)
  • McGrath Cohoon, “Gender & Computing” (Powerpoint presentation,. 2010)
  • CAHSI (Computing Alliance for Hispanic Serving Institutions) reports and findings.
  • NMSU YWiC (Young Women in Computing) and GUTS y Girls reports and findings.
  • STARS BPC Alliance reports and findings.
  • Georgia Computes BPC reports and findings.


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