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New media, art, science and technology come together in the New Media New Technology Open Lab Expo by creative researchers from the Media Technology MSc programme, and hosted by Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, The Hague on June 5, 2015, 230-9 pm, free admission. 

The Open Lab will not be a static expo, more a playful research space that mixes scientific approaches to art with creative approaches to science, for all audiences. The researchers work from personal inspiration and curiosity and create physical works to explore their concepts or engage the visitor to evoke ideas or questions. Many installations are interactive, some are early studies and prototypes, others will be more polished end products. The makers will be around to discuss the concepts, inspiration, ideas and methods behind their work, and even hack some more on the fly.

Sign up here at this Facebook Event and spread the word! See below for the expo projects and to delve deeper see the student portfolios on the right.


// Sweet Spots  //
by Roland van Dierendonck & Matei Szabo

A rhythm both tactile and audible. The placing of beats, right and left, and the vertical movement of the massage tool on your head are completely messed up. You are invited to try and find the Sweet Spot, where they all line up together.

by Dagmar Geerlings, Danyi LIU & Manolis Fragkiadakis


ΩThe installation is enchanting the public with a multi perceptual experience. Participants are guided to their personal selected drink. While drinking the experience is extended. Not only will there be a sensation of taste, but there will be sound and visuals accompanying the drink.

// The Floor is Lava //
by Maarten Lodewijk & Maarten van Hees

A virtual reality project in which we aim to distort the player's feeling of balance. The player has to traverse a lava lake while using a balancing pole (equipped with 2 infrared distance sensors to measure the pole's angle). Be aware of sudden gusts of wind, otherwise they might have fiery consequences!

// The Size of the Self //
by Lise Stork & Donna Schipper

Have you ever experienced your true boundaries

// The Color of ≠ //
by Sander de Bont, Paulina Kozłowska and Sophie Rust

Let's play the game and see what happens.

// Bedtime stories  //
by Jeroen van Oorschot

Many children don't get the attention they deserve from their parents. Record your lovely story and send it to kids all over the world!

// Left on Earth Simulator [LOES] //
by Elisabetta Muratori, Gleb Satyukov, Marieke Paardekoper and Cors Brinkman

With LOES, you can experience the age differential that you will develop when you are in space, with your virtual twin that will remain on Earth. The effects of time dilation only become noticeable when spaceships travelling from Earth approach speeds near that of light. The space station moves at a sedate 17,000mph relative to Earth’s surface –which means that at the end of Scott’s year of space travel, when he returns to Earth  in March 2016, he will have aged only about three milliseconds less than Mark who was left behind on Earth.

// Bonded Rationality //
by Felipe Astolfi & Jelger Kroese

As humans, we like to think we are capable of making rational decisions. But our rationality is always limited by the information we have, the cognitive limitations of our minds, and the time available to make a decision. In this experiment you need to work together with an irrational being to solve a rational problem. You are dependent of his instinctual behavior, he is dependent of your rational decision.

// War Zone //
by Sam van Tienhoven, Nana Tian & Thiago Elid

Have you ever experienced the sensation of being in a war?

// Looking the Other Way //
by Xander Bos, Brandi Rose, & Ray Pohjanheimo

Do you look away from the horrible truth?


// moodSwing  //
by Pieter Rohrbach & Nesse van der Meer

moodSwing will allow users, through virtual reality, to influence and even alter the mood of those on the receiving end.

Explore the  portfolios to the right to see smaller projects created by the students as part of the NMNT course.


We are honored to be hosted by Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives in The Hague, on Friday June 5 2015, 230-9 PM. This pristine white space will be turned into an interactive open lab buzzing with creativity, curiosity and interactive installations. 

Toussaintkade 55


In new media one trend, technology or fad quickly follows the next. For anyone with an interest in media technology it is important to be up to date with the latest and greatest, from augmented reality to creative science, and from fabrication to responsive environments. However it is equally important to be able to critically reflect on these trends, to connect these to classical discussions, and to identify what is really novel and what is merely a hype. 

The New Media New Technology class explores the latest new media and creative science technologies and concepts, organized by more timeless themes such as new media history, social relationships, space and intelligent perception and action, so that these technologies can be placed into perspective and context. The course follows a tinkering approach and is a mix of lectures and practical assignments, and students are asked to create works that incorporate a new technology or concept and motivate why it is not just a gimmick or hype. Prototypes and end results will be presented at an exposition open to the general public.

New Media New Technology is a course in the Media Technology MSc Programme at LIACS, Leiden University, The Netherlands. The Media Technology MSc programme is a place where students are encouraged to formulate their own scientific questions, and to translate personal inspirations and curiosities into their own research projects. To answer these questions, students create actual products, because we are convinced that by doing and creating, new scientific insights into the underlying question are encountered. 

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