Google Tools to Support Geo Spatial Learning

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Thursday November 3, 2011 2:15 – 3:10

Google tools can be used to enrich your students' understanding of their place in the world. In this session you will see a variety of ways that students and teachers have used such Google tools as Google Maps and Google Earth to engage students at all grade levels in high level geography and spatial learning experiences. We invite you to join this session and share your own experiences providing students with rich and varied learning experiences through the use of these tools.

VT Fest 2011 Agenda
Networking - Lucie has created a Google Form to make it easier to network, share ideas and help each other
Additional Resources – Tutorials, Videos, Learning Activities, Getting Help and Staying Current
Unique Features of these Examples
Google Earth vs. Google Maps – matching the tool to the lesson

Why Geography Matters

YouTube Video

Geography & Google Earth