Below you will find reference links to Newman Law in the news media, online references, and active links to local cases.


Second Amendment group asks court to block gun initiative from the ballot - The Olympian- July 2018
Fine print on Gun-Control Petitions Causes Ruckus - WND June 2018 
TVW Impact -Arlene's Flowers case - Watch show online here: TVW 06102018



Schaller's name to remain on ballot for Thurston County judge's race-The Olympian-July 2012
Law-vs.-constitution fight over judgeship heats up- The Olympian- July 2012
Attorney wants Thurston judge candidate taken off the ballot-The Olympian-June 2012
One of three initiative-reform bills stays alive - The Olympian 
Former WACO employees plan to sue - The Olympian - April 2012
Go here for prepared remarks from Shawn Newman, an Olympia lawyer who is also| Washington state director for the Initiative and Referendum Institute based at the University of Southern California- The Olympian

Candidate seeks court decision on residencey rule - The Olympian 
Two sides in liquir battle raise a staggering $34M - The Olympian 
Traffic camera company sought Mukilteo official' help - HeraldNet 
Democracy in action: Mukilteo's success- Seattle Times, Bruce Ramsey 
Red-light cameras a stop closer to landing on Longview ballot 

Amicus Curiae to United States Supreme Court
It's Already Ancient History, but Signature Debate Isn't Over-Washington State Wire 
U.S. Supreme Court: All petition signatures secret, for now Seattle TImes Oct. 21 
Thurston judge keeps R-71 signatures sealed for now. The Olympian Oct. 20,2009
Judge blocks release of signatures from state initiatives KOMO TV  
Judge blocks release of signatures from state initiatives KOMONews Oct 15, 2009
Signatures frozen, await fate. The Olympian Oct. 15, 2009 
Its Reed's Call - Health Care Today - Sept. 2009
Film focuses on Gitmo detainees - The Olympian Sept 2009 
High Court Suspends lawyer Eugster -Spokesman Review June 12, 2009 
High Court Suspends Eugster from law for 18 months -Spokesman Review June 1, 2009 

State high court hears Eugster case - Sept. 18, 2008 Spokesman Review
 Wash. Court: Smoking ban applies to private clubs - KING 5 TV - Sept 11, 2008 
High Court: Smoking ban applies to private clubs - KOMO TV4 -Sept. 11, 2008 
State High Court: Smoking ban applies to private clubs - SeattePI - Sept. 11, 2008 
Supreme Court rule smoking ban applies to private clubs - Seattle Times, Sept 11, 2008
State Smoking Ban case could affect Frankie's - The Olympian - Sept 11, 2008 
Smoking out the loopholes: Bar, club owners fight ban - Spokesman Review July 2008
Bar owner found in contempt; Frankies smoking area is not private - 6/10/08Eugster Attorney Hopeful: High Court Weighs Suspension - Spokesman Review / 5/15/08
Frankie's starts members-only club to deal with state smoking law - May 2008
Thurston County Court denied TCHD contempt request against Frankies KOMO: - May 2008 (video) 
City Official Berates man before leaving Eatonville meeting" Tribune - Mar. 2008
Tacoma New Tribune "Imitative-signatures bill poses threat to process" March 2008
Limiting votert initiative powers is unconstitutional, The Olympian; Feb 2008
Tavern owner's motion ok'd: New judge granted in smoking ban case; Feb 2008
Limiting vote initiative powers is unconstitutional" Feb 6, 2008Committees OKs bill on initiative registration - The Olympian, Feb 2008 
House bill would require paid signature gatherers to register
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 12 February 2008
Proposal would regulate petitions; Eyman battles registration effort The Spokesman-Review, 12 February 2008
Committee OKs bill on initiative registration The Olympian, 6 February 2008
Disbar Eugster, bar association panel recommends The Spokesman-Review, 26 January 2008
Spotlight on signature-gatherers sparks debate The Olympian, 19 January 2008
Spotlight on signature-gatherers sparks debate - The Olympian, Jan 2008 
State Supreme Court ruling may help refine smoking ban 
The Olympian, 12 December 2007
State Supreme Court ruling may help refine smoking ban (Dec 11, 2007)
The Olympian
Sanctions lead to free-speech fight' The Olympian Nov 29, 2007
State Rep. Jim Dunn's fight for his free speech rights.

American Legion v. Kitsap County Health Supreme Court Hearing 06 Nov. 2007
"Court to hear successful ballot change" 10 Aug '07
"Bar owner says smoking ban fees violate rights" 20 Mar. '07
"Opposition to smoking ban heats up - where from here? 19 Mar. '07 
"Sports Bar owner cleared of Contempt" 17 Mar. '07
Thurston County Ruling Stems from a case filed by Bremerton American Legion
Election doubts provoke protest; Crowd gathers on Capitol Campus
E-RFD: Oregonian Anti-initiative Campaign 16 Mar. 2007
Ruling: Smoking Ban doew not apply to private clubs/ Kitsap Sun, Feb 2007  

Attorney and initiative expert to analyze state ballot measures; SMU Press Oct 2006
Westlake And Dogs And Discovery Park
Initiative & Referendum Institute
Adding the F-word to the N-word: A Washington Governors' Race Update
TAKING THE INITIATE: How will ballot measures affect elections? Mar. 2006 

County's failure to disclose public records. Aug 2005.
Boeing, County Politics, City Politics, Quote June 2005
Senate e-mail flap a 'big deal' for West May 2005
The Cost of Secrecy - A citizen pursues meaningful monetary punishment for King
Bid to roll back gas tax could be hottest issue this November Jan. 2005  

Election doubts provoke protest/ Michael; Dec. 2004
Downer Cows Investigation Leads To Claim Jan. 2004
Time to arm citizens to combat government fraud 21 Dec 2004 

Official amps up low-profile post Aug. 2003
Lawsuit to challenge PFD funding/ Spokesman Review; July 2003 

Washington high court tosses developer's defamation suit
Associated Press 05.17.02
Washington high court tosses developer's defamation suit
Associated Press 5.17.02
Appeals court rejects man's claim that State Patrol wouldn't accommodate faith July 2002
An Analysis of the Initiative and Referendum Process in Washington State June 2002
Developer's defamation suit tossed May 2002
Despite laws, citizens get SLAPPed - Suits that aim to discourage public dissent remain a threat Monday, June 3, 2002
A Victory for the Right to Petition May 2002 

2001 -... March 23, 2001 Hugh J. McGavick: 360/438-0212 Shawn Newman: 360/866-2322 ... Co-counsel Shawn Newman added that "We have a Kafka-esque situation in which the ...  
Protect Our Pets and Wildlife. •   court erred by ordering plaintiff in litigation to seek public .. 
Jordon v. City of Seattle, Washington Supreme Court No. 68805-2 (2001)  
In this 2001 case, citizens submitted a petition 
Washington . initiatives on the ballot in 2000 and 2001 that passed overwhelmingly. . • 
HOUSE BILL REPORT An act relating to communications with government branches or agencies and selfâ?�regulatory organizations. • 
Sound Politics: Post-Mortem Legal Analysis (II)  
2001 SEC document, our felon friends had contracted for absentee ... • 
direct democracy: the initiative and referendum process in washington  
Supporting and Opposing Statewide Initiatives, 1975-2001 . Shawn Newman, Olympia attorney nd WA State Director of the. Initiative and Referendum Institute ... •
The Seattle Times: Postman on Politics  
Cobb completed the complaint in March 2001 and the client filed it with the ... Shawn Newman, Donald H. Mullins, and Douglas Schafer represented Mr. Schafer. ... 
2003 Senate Bill 5179 - Washington Votes  
The bill specifically permits common mole and gopher traps. ... February 11, 2003, by Stewart A. Metz; Shawn Newman, Initiative Referendum Inst. ... • 
A 'modern' democracy that can't count votes Dec. 2000
Countdown to an honest tally Nov 2000
Could state system stand up to scrutiny? Bring it on, officials say Nov. 2000
Prospect of recount here leaves officials confident Nov 2000
Initiative and Referendum Process in Washington State
Initiative process both loved and hated in Washington July 2000
Legal-ethics issues raised by both sides in Schafer disciplinary case July 2000
Legal-ethics issues raised by both sides in Schafer disciplinary case July 2000
Ruling aids signature gatherers May 2000
CLEAN Wins A Round in Court May 2000
CLEAN it up! Mar. 2000
Senate discusses ethics -- in closed-door session Jan 2000
WIN v. Public Discloure Commission , Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit No. 98-35412 

Board Investigating Neuheisel Contract Sept. 1999
Ethics Board Settles On Lambright Compensation April 1999
Would-Be Trooper Sues State Patrol For Religious Bias Aug 1999
Bank account numbers stir a fight June 1999
Slapping Around Citizens Who Demand Accountability Jan. 1999

Term Limits Tossed Out -- State Supreme Court Says Voter-Approved Law Unconstitutional Jan. 1998
DSHS Doesn't Seem To Mind Welfare Fraud By Immigrants Oct 1998

Would-Be Trooper Sues State Patrol For Religious Bias Aug 1997
Gun Measure Isn't As Simple As Seems Oct 1997
Never Mind Titles, Teams Clamor for New Stadiums June 1997 

New Rules For Absentee Ballots -- Votes May Not Be Tallied Before Election Day Dec. 1996
Scurlock: Known For Looks, Charm And His Big Tips -- 4-Year String Of Robberies Shocks Friends Sept 1996
Kennewick Man Must Give Up Ross Perot Name Aug 1996 

She Sought Clerk's Job; He Proposed She Model Lingerie; She Filed Suit Dec. 1995
Stadium Deal Has The Votes -- Council To OK Funding Plan - With Caveats Oct 1995
School Official's 33 Percent Raise Is Ruled Illegal Sept. 1995 

Gregoire Changes Rule On Gag Orders -- `Bad Policy' Won't Be Used In Claims Against Legislature Nov. 1994
Initiative Campaigners Hustle For July Deadline June 1994
State Sen. Moore To Fight Disqualification May 1994
Citizen Northwest Candidate Bio's!
Citizens Are Taking Initiative -- Proposals Reflect Loss Of Faith In Legislators Mar. 1994
23 Legislature -- Can Lawmakers Clean Up Their Act And Not Destroy It? -- Legislators Set To Tackle Touchy Issue Of Reform Jan. 1994 

Suit Settled: Campaign Misdeeds Stick Taxpayers With $135,000 Bill Sept 199
Election Results
Wily Coyotes Get Reprieve July 1993
Illegal-Campaigning Probe Isn't Worth Reopening, Gregoire Says April 1993
Lowry Signs Bill Creating Ethics Panel -- 3 Named Quickly To Citizens Group Mar 1993