What is a blog?

Blogs in Plain English via TeacherTube

Why blog?

In their own words.

Blogging provides an avenue and a context for students to use Internet communication tools to develop understanding, deepen thinking and develop comprehension. 

Blogs are a context where reading and writing are inextricably linked.  Rereading becomes natural and often necessary.

Blogs are an authentic context for writing because students are writing for an audience beyond the teacher. 

How might blogs be used with students?

Blogs might be used...
  • for response to text or content.
  • to extend conversation.
  • to develop a community of learners or knowledge building community.
  • to reflect on understanding of processes or material. 
  • to share information with families.
  • to make multiple perspectives concrete.

Blog Examples

Ms. P's' Continents Blog

Collaborative blog exchange between grade 4 and grade 1 students across states. Students were studying the continents.

Mary Kreul's 4K Blog

Elementary level blog with multiple examples of a variety of uses with students

Human Body Systems Blog

Students share questions, links, resources and information about the human body systems.  Middle school level.


Rules of the Game: We are just blogging our thoughts!  Eight Graders in Saida, Lebanon using the HOT Blogging Framework! 

Free Blogs for Educators

Edublogs for Teachers

Provides free, ad-free blogs for teachers at no cost.

Students may comment if the teacher allows this.

Especially helpful video tutorials for initial set up.  

Edublogs for Students

Provides free, ad-free student blogs at no cost.

Each has an independent blog.
21 Classes Cooperative Learning

Ad-free blogs for teachers and students.

Each student blog accessible from main portal.

Communicate with all students simultaneously through main portal.

Recommended for intermediate grade levels and higher.

ePals SchoolBlog

Searchable archives allow past postings to be easily accessed.

Design templates include calendars, surveys and classroom-only,

parents-only, and public areas.
Landmarks Class Blogmeister

Free to educators.

Connects teachers to a variety of blogs at different grade levels.

Easy to search for blogs by grade bands.

Student pages/blogs can be created by teachers.

Creating Edublogs for students from one Gmail account
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