What Is Zeolite?



Zeolites are a group of minerals formed when molten lava from ancient volcanoes mixed with sea water.

Zeolites have been shown to remove heavy metals, toxins and other compounds from the body; balance the body's pH levels; and support a healthy immune system.

They do this through their unique crystalline structure of cavities and "cages" that trap these substances and remove them safely and naturally from your system.

A specific member of the zeolite family of minerals, known as "clinoptilolite" has a very unique honeycomb-like cellular structure that has the ability to trap and bind with various toxins, heavy metals, viral particles and other impurities and remove them safely from your body.

When this specific form of zeolite is "activated" with a process that removes any naturally occurring toxins from it, the end product is a 100% natural, 100% non-toxic liquid that is completely safe for human consumption.

In fact, the United States Food and Drug Association (FDA) has given zeolite a G.R.A.S. rating with means Generally Recognized As Safe.


What Is Zeolite?

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