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What Does God's Word Say About The Tithe?


What is the tithe? It is the "gateway for the believer into the covenant of blessings." In the Hebrew "maaser" or "maasrah," is translated tenth, or tenth part, and in Greek "apodekatoo" and in both, it means a payment or giving or receiving of the tenth.

The tithe is that tenth of our income that we give to God, which enables Him to move on our behalf in the area of blessings. The Bible records numerous accounts of man tithing to God. God is the creator of everything that exists. He owns everything and we are simply stewards of what we have been entrusted with. The tithe principle is this; "He gives unto us, we give back to Him one-tenth of all that He has blessed us with."

Abraham tithed unto Melchizedek, Isaac tithed, His son Jacob and many others also even before the law was given. Many Christians do not tithe because they have been taught that they are not under the law, but under grace. While this is a true statement, God did not institute the tithe to bring us under the law, but to get blessings to His children. Abraham tithed before the law, and God blessed him supernaturally. We're under grace that we might establish the law; not turn from it. Jesus said that He didn't come to do away with the law, but to fulfill it. Because He fulfilled it, we are to establish it. His Words are forever settled in heaven, therefore we establish His Words upon the earth.

Matthew 5:17-19: "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven."

Tithing According to the Law as Given by Moses

Leviticus 27:30 "And all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land, or of the fruit of the tree, is the LORD'S: it is holy unto the LORD."

This scripture states that all the tithe, whether it be seed of the land, fruit of the tree, or one tenth of all that you earn, is holy unto the Lord. Deuteronomy 14:22-29 states that one-tenth of all that comes into your possession, belongs to God. This was God's plan to instruct His people as to the way of blessings that He had for them. God is a multiplier by nature, and He could not multiply that which was not entrusted to Him. When the children of Israel were obedient to give back to God that which was His, increase was guaranteed. Scripture states, It's better to be obedient than to sacrifice. When the children of Israel were obedient, blessings came; when they were disobedient, they had to sacrifice. Many Christians today are wanting God to honor the covenant that He has with His children, but disobedient children cannot receive the same reward as the obedient.

1 Samuel 15:22: "And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams."

The strongest chain is only as strong as its weakest link. When we fail to tithe, we become that weak link. Statistics show that approximately 20% of Christians tithe. That means, 80% of Christendom is not in covenant with their God, but are like beggars and thieves looking for handouts and what they can steal from Him.

I have said many times, it would be better to rob the First National Bank than to rob the bank of Heaven. I'm sure most Christians don't see it this way, because most Christians steal from God. Malachi 3:8 asks the question "Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings. Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation."

The Old Testament records two other tithes; one tithe was called the "festival tithe," when they came to Jerusalem three times a year for fellowship. The expense for the festival, (travel, food, etc.) was taken from this tithe. The third tithe was given in the third year and was a tithe holy unto the Lord. It was a tithe of almsgiving for the poor and needy. All of these tithes were brought to the storehouse, and the priest oversaw the distribution of same. The first tithe was for the upkeep of the priests, since they had no inheritance. All of their income and portion was to be given to them by God's people. This tithe in and of itself, is not considered an offering. It is the minimum requirement for all of God's people.

The reason God instituted the second and the third tithe through Moses, was that His children needed to give above and beyond this tithe. It is these tithes that God is referring to in Malachi 3:8 where His people have robbed Him in tithes and offerings. In verse 10 of Malachi 3, you will notice that it states "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it."

I am convinced that when people see the tithe as an instrument of blessing they will not be looking for a way to give less, but a way to give more. God will help them so that they can be generous on every occasion.

Questions and/or Statements:

Number 1: "The tithe was instituted under the law and we are no longer under the law."

My Answer:  The tithe came before the law was given as Abraham tithed unto Melchizedek in Genesis 14:18-20.  It was required during the law (Malachi 3:10).  It was also after the law (Hebrews 5:6-7). Jesus is the Lord of the tithe forever after the order of Melchizedek. In Matthew 23:23 in the New Testament, Jesus plainly states that you should tithe and not leave the other (good works) undone.   

  1. The tithe has worked before the law, it has worked during the law and it is working after the law.
  2.  My question: "If the tithe worked during the law; what will it do – under grace?

Number 2:  "Since tithing is under the law and we are not under the law anymore, we should not have to tithe."

My Answer: Under the law, we are told, "Thou shall not kill." Would you kill someone because you are not under the law anymore? … Of  course not.

  1. Don’t check your brains at the door. If the tithe belongs to God then “The tithe is holy unto the Lord and all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the tress, it is the Lord's, it is holy unto the Lord" (Leviticus 27:30).

Number 3:  "To avoid paying tithes prevents us from receiving a blessing. The tithe was given to us so that the blessing of God could enter this earth."

My Answer: Who does not want the blessings of God?

  1. My question: Why are so many people trying to keep the blessing of God out of this earth?
  2. The people that tithe don’t get angry with those that don’t tithe, but many that don’t tithe attack those that do.
  3. Also, the person that is not saved (born again), will many times get put out with the one that is. One that has not been baptized into the Spirit of God gets upset with those that have been, and say that it is not of God.  So it is with people who do not tithe, they state that it is not of God because they do not tithe.  It is the same way with deliverance and divine healing, those that have not received, many times persecute those that have. (Galatians 4:28-29)

Number 4: "Jesus gave us an eleventh commandment that, We should love the Lord with all our heart, mind, strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  He never said anything about accusing them, in fact Revelation 12:11 states that Satan is the accuser of the brother."

My Answer:  I have never heard of any "born again" man or woman get upset because the preacher ministers on being "born again."   I have never heard a thither get upset because the preacher ministers on the tithe; it is always those that do not tithe that get upset.

  1. I am told that 20% of Christians tithe regularly, if that is true 80% of Christian feel uncomfortable with the subject. 
  2. I am so very thankful  for the founders of this web site who have a backbone to stand for what is right and not just go along with the majority. 
  3. Jesus was not always popular with those in His day and He said that you should tithe, why can't we just take Him at His Word?

The scripture states, “The letter kills, but the Spirit gives Life."  Some people get very legalistic about the tithe on both sides of the issue.  One, by preaching that you should tithe or you will be under the curse, while others say we do not have to tithe, as we are under grace.

The real truth is that when applied with the right Spirit (motive) the tithe works every time and will produce blessings in your life. 

1. Right motive

2. Right information

3. Right methods

These three things will guarantee that the promises of God in His Word will be yours because of your obedience to give and tithe