Welcome to New Life Bible Church!  We are presently meeting at the city of Long Creek's Community Center (next to City Hall).  We invite you to drop in and visit during one of our Sunday afternoon meetings.  You will find us there at 4:00pm.  Come as you are.  After all, God sees every person's heart and life--and accepts us right where we are.  But, He loves us to much to leave us that way.

It is our desire and prayer that all who come to our meetings will leave changed and encouraged to follow passionately after the Lord God.  Giving His Word a listening ear, hanging out with fellow life travelers, and singing tunes that exalt our Lord Jesus Christ have a way of helping a person to make sense of one's own life.  Whatever it is you are feeling or experiencing, you are not alone.  Someone before you has likely been there before--though it has a unique flavor.  

We are excited about this phase of our brand new fellowship here in Long Creek.  In time we are looking and working toward becoming a full-fledged church family.  As you spend time with us, we hope you will consider joining with us in this new venture.

As you visit our site with its various pages, we hope you will get an inviting idea of who we are and what we are about.  Feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail if you have questions or comments.

In His Awesome Name,

Pastor Ed

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