Our Mission

The 2009 expert review confirms that the 16 collections that make up the official Louisiana Museum of Natural History at LSU are superb, but that care for them does not meet the standards of museums accreditable by the American Alliance of Museums. Collections are at risk, housed in antiquated buildings that were never designed for museum use. 

A NEW facility would provide all researchers and staff with tools to help to attract additional graduate students and federal funding, while providing a modern space for exhibits which would be a popular draw for visitors of all age groups and cultures.

LSU is a research powerhouse and the Flagship university of a state with a particularly rich natural history. Millions and millions of research-support dollars went into the collections, market values of some individual collections are in the millions, and the collections have the potential for serving to support research indefinitely into the future. LSU and Louisiana are not getting the benefits in research, education, outreach and the regional economy, that they should from these collections, because of the lack of unified space designed to hold a world class museum which would be a destination for visitors. Citizen volunteers are eager to serve as needed in moving forward. Models for the process and the final result are available in Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, the Utah Museum of Natural History, and the Florida Museum of Natural History, all at flagship universities, so it is not necessary to re-invent the wheel. There are federal sources for museum planning support, and a reasonable expectation that an effort with this potential for top quality results will attract donor funding. A single donor gave donations to the Geology Department at the University of Texas at Austin, which are now valued at over 300 million dollars, between three to four times the estimated whole cost of the “big museum” at LSU. Having this sort of facility on the LSU campus would benefit the regional economy, engage the citizenry, would be a fine example for donors of what LSU can do with their help in any field.