Over 2 million specimens, objects, and artifacts that document 
                                the rich history of
The purpose of the Friends of the Louisiana Museum of Natural History (formerly Build-a-Museum Team) is to support the LMNH, encouraging development of the Museum to meet standards of the American Alliance of Museums for accreditation, and seeking support for enhancing all aspects of the museum including preservation of collections, research, education, exhibits and outreach. It is hoped that these efforts will eventually result in a museum equaling or surpassing other major state museums of natural history. Friends of LMNH is an independent citizen group, and is not affiliated with any other organization including Louisiana State University

"Museums today are like trees in winter, their collections, like closed buds, all holding tight their secrets. They need to become like trees in summer, their collections flowering in the minds of each visitor" -  Julian Spalding

Let's build a better museum.

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