Converber Download

converber.exe * Installer / Uninstaller * Stand-Alone. No setup required. Unzip files to directory and run included executable. Moving it to a different folder is never a problem. To uninstall you just delete the directory you created for the first run.

converber.chm * Help File

System Requirements
The program has been tested on Windows (98, NT, 2K, XP). Although it has not been verified, it will more than likely run on Windows 95 and ME, also. Converber requires approximately 210 kB of drive space, after installed (excluding 64 kB help file). This program is stand-alone with no external .dll files or registry entries required (If using setup executable, one registry key is added to the Uninstall directory used for the Add or Remove Programs control panel applet). An ini file is created in the directory to store the units, categories, and conversion formulas. There are also several LNG files to allow users to select between different interface languages. And finally, an ini file is created in the program directory to store some of the last used settings, but can be deleted if necessary. This makes a perfect program to keep on your USB drive!