Gift of Hope

The Gift of Lyme Hope:

A Gift for People of Conscience

We all face many stressors on a daily basis– economic, financial and the stresses of war. As people of conscience, we try our best, in our own way, to address them. Reminded by the biting cold of recent winters we may have contributed to our local food pantry or given out surplus coats and clothes. We may have worried about our troops and donated care packages for shipment overseas. We may have written Congress to give perspective and support for things we want to see happen.

We act on our conscience, to meet a striking need, and because it makes us feel good to give to others in hopes of making a difference; in doing so, we give ourselves and others the Gift of HOPE.

The idea of a Gift of Hope brings me to another subject, one that not only affects me, but so many others across the country. Lyme disease is the nation’s long-ignored and growing epidemic that is devastating entire families. Those who are affected lack a sense of hope in these dark times. This year I wish for them, and for me, a certain lightening of the heart that we don’t often feel regarding the Lyme disease situation, especially when it comes to helping the children who are affected. But what to do?

When I happened to run across a picture of Dr. Jones today, it hit me. As many of you know, he is the Lyme pediatrician who has been targeted unfairly by the Connecticut Medical Examining Board (CT-MEB) for treating some of the sickest children with tickborne diseases from across the nation, many of whom were left untreated by others. For the past five years the CT-MEB and CT Department of Public Health have not been able to show, even remotely, that he has harmed any children in his care in any way.

To the contrary, he has not only provided a Gift of Hope for thousands of sick children and their parents, he continues to stay the course in spite of the growing obstacles they’ve placed in his path. He has been able to return countless children to a healthier state and move forward with his mission of caring for as many as possible, in spite of the brutal and unrelenting attacks by those trying to force him into retirement or those who would delight in the fact he may go bankrupt and have to shut his doors.

While it would seem perfectly natural for many to picture Dr. Jones with a halo and a set of golden wings, the image I have of him is a different one. I thought about Dr. Jones, as I have often seen him, sitting on a chair with children gathered around him, adoring him- after all he has been a hero to so many over the years. I can also picture his ability to give them the gifts of his healing art and himself, and with these, the gift of returning health.

Regrettably, national controversy over scientific aspects of the disease has kept him under a lengthy and expensive investigation, which threatens to shut down his ability to continue to treat afflicted children.

The question comes to mind– who ever gives the givers, like Dr. Jones, a gift?

Many of us have seen the children in his care restored to better health after a long, sickly journey. There are the ones who missed school, the ones who were forced to crawl down stairs- unable to navigate them otherwise, and there was the little girl who displayed a wide smile as she wobbled her way down the hallway toward his waiting arms, thrilled to be walking again. The children from across the globe who have felt so sick for so long and then slowly, with his loving care and treatment, improved. Maybe you know one of them or even live with one?

To our children, Dr. Jones is the hero, the everyday hero who gives and gives and gives all year long. The significant milestones showing improvement- the appetite, the return of the use of a limb, the loss of the uncontrollable twitch, the restored memory, the return to school, the recession of pain. Perhaps even more important, the return of certainty – that things can get better after so much despair- something Dr. Jones tells his children will happen, and then makes sure it does.

So I am thinking perhaps you would like to join me in giving the Gift Of Lyme Hope – by giving a special, mindful and meaningful contribution to the Dr. Jones Support Fund.

I will be giving each of my children the Gift of Lyme Hope this year with a contribution in each of their names to the Dr. Jones Support Fund. I am giving my mother, who protests that she does not need anything, the Gift of Lyme Hope by making a donation in her name too. I hope these gifts will be used to offset the continued actions against him and to support his technical requirements with CT medical board demands and his continuing work so that he may continue to keep his practice open and to share his gifts with our youngest Lyme victims.

Please join me in giving The Gift of Lyme Hope. Let’s make a certain kindly gentleman and his children smile by giving.

Please make donations payable to:

"Pullman & Comley Trust Account for Dr. Charles Jones"

Mail to:

Elliott B. Pollack, Esquire

c/o Pullman & Comley, LLC

90 State House Square

Hartford, CT 06103-3702

Please note "gift" in the memo field

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