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NJGenWeb Bylaws & Procedures

NJGenWeb Project Bylaws & Policy (Officially Adopted on March 15, 2007)


A1. The NJGenWeb Project is a volunteer-driven project, consisting of
coordinators who create and maintain web sites of a genealogical and
historical nature about New Jersey, free of charge.

A2. The NJGenWeb Project is composed of an elected State Coordinator ("SC"),
one or more Assistant State Coordinator(s) ("ASC"), Local Coordinators
aka County Coordinators ("CC") and Town Coordinators ("TC") [also herein
referred to as "members"

A3. All Coordinators (aka "Members") of the NJGenWeb Project,
by accepting their volunteer position, inherently agree to abide
by the Guidelines, Bylaws, and Policies of USGenWeb, and NJGenWeb,
in order to remain part of this NJGenWeb Project.

A4. Members of the NJGenWeb Project do not solicit, nor do they directly accept
money, products, or services from their web site visitors, in return for
access to information located on our web sites [this does not include linked
information to external web sites

A5. Members, with the approval of the SC, may host their web site at the
location of their choice. It is preferred that Coordinators use the free
Rootsweb server. When using Rootsweb servers to host a NJGenWeb site,
coordinators may be required to provide web server log-in information
to the State Coordinator (to be kept on file). Should a coordinator
decide not to continue providing that web site, any Rootsweb-located
web sites (but not necessarily its contents) will remain the "property"
of the NJGenWeb. Coordinators who maintain NJGenweb web sites on Rootsweb
will not request a password change without first contacting the
State Coordinator.


B1. In ALL NJGenWeb elections and voting events, there may be only one
vote per member
, regardless of how many county or town sites a member hosts.

B3. Only NJGenWeb members may suggest changes to the BYLAWS, POLICIES
and PROCEDURES. Members of NJGenWeb may submit changes or additions,
as individual articles, to these bylaws and policies by endorsing
a change with (5) five sponsoring representatives (no two from
the same county) for a general vote by the membership. This
endorsement will be made to the NJGEN mailing list, and
subsequently submitted for a vote at the next monthly mailing
list roll-call. Two-thirds of those voting must vote in favor
of the change in order for it to become effective. The
SC/ASC may submit a Bylaw or Policy article for review, input
and/or voting at any regularly scheduled roll call.

B4. When Bylaw or Policy articles are submitted for a voting roll
call, two weeks shall be allowed for member responses.

B4. The accepted NJGenWeb Bylaws, Policies and Procedures will be posted
in a public place, such as on the NJGenWeb's state web site.


C1. In the case that an SC resigns, or if an SC is missing in action ("MIA")
for 2 months or longer, the remaining NJGenWeb members may duly elect a new SC.

C2. In the case that there are Co-SCs, both having been elected [see "Electing
a State Coordinator" for details], should one of the SCs resign or become MIA,
the remaining SC will complete the term as sole SC.

C3. If there are extenuating circumstances relating to an SC's absence,
with a great probability that absence is temporary, the Members of NJGenWeb
may opt, by a majority roll call vote (the majority of those voting in the
affirmative) in the mailing list, to delay a new SC election for up to a
maximum of 90 days.

C4. In the case that a CC resigns, or is missing in action (MIA) for 2 months
or longer, the SC may reassign the web site to a new coordinator. The SC is
not bound by a strict 60 day waiting period to consider a coordinator MIA.
The SC is encouraged to continue attempting communication for 90 days before
placing the county site up for adoption. [This means that although the SC must
wait a minimum 60 days prior to determining a CC is MIA, the SC may wait 90
or more days, at their discretion, should the SC believe the CCs return is imminent.

C5. Any member of the NJGenWeb may nominate themselves, or another member,
to run for the position of SC. If nominated by anyone other than themselves,
the nominee must accept the nomination in writing (email) in order to be
considered a candidate.

C6. There are no limitations as to how often a member may be elected to the SC
position of the NJGenWeb Project.

C7. Following an election, the SC will appoint one or more ASC(s), who will
have equal access to, and knowledge of password/log-ins to the state's
web site and email/mailing list, and any other important NJGen-related

C8. In the case of the resignation or a 60-day absence of the SC, the ASC will
become the acting SC, for a maximum of 30 days, in order to facilitate a
new election. If there is more than one ASC, the Co-ASCs will serve jointly.
The ASC(s) may not complete the SC's unfilled term of office, however an ASC
may run for election, and be elected the new SC.

C9. Should the majority of voting members within the NJGenWeb Project decide,
BEFORE the next scheduled election, that the duly elected SC, or the ASC as
the acting SC, is not adequately fulfilling the needs of the SC position,
a minimum of one half of the total number of voting members should
propose publicly, in the NJGEN mailing list, that they are requesting a
new election for SC take place. When this occurs, the SC (or in the SC's
absence, the ASC) should, within 7 days, request assistance from USGenWeb
National Advisory Board. The USGenWeb guidelines currently in force will be
used to determine whether the SC or ASC should be removed. The USGenWeb
guidelines state that "State Coordinators and Assistant State Coordinators are subject to
possible removal by a 2/3 vote of the Advisory Board and a 2/3 vote of the
Local Coordinators within the state. A quorum of 75% of the Local Coordinators
shall participate in order for the vote to be binding." [USGenWeb Bylaws, Article 7,
Section 9].

C10. The state web site of the NJGenWeb Project will be hosted on Rootsweb,
and NOT on a privately-owned server accessible only by or owned by the current
SC/ASC. All information contained on the state web site remains the collective
property of the NJGenWeb Project and its Members, and may not be copyrighted
by any individual member or SC/ASC of the NJGenWeb Project.


D1. The NJGEN mailing list, although limited to member subscription, maintains
archives that are viewable by the general public. Personal information about a
member, other than their name and email address, will not be divulged on
this email list. Prohibited information includes their age, residence,
telephone number, names of family members, etc. SCs or CCs who wish to
publicly post information about themselves may do so, but it is not recommended.

D2. The SC and ASC(s) are the moderators of, and will maintain, the NJGEN mailing

D3. Every effort will be made to ensure politeness and courtesy toward other
members when posting on the NJGEN mailing list. Any member who uses
vulgar or strongly rude, offensive, sexist or racist language in the mailing
list may be moderated and/or removed from that mailing list. The SC, as
moderator, (or acting ASC in the SC's absence) will have the final decision
on whether to moderate, remove, or take no action, depending on the severity
of the situation. By requesting membership in the NJGenWeb, coordinators accept
these guidelines.

D4. The SC is responsible for removing links from the state web site, as
appropriate, to web sites which fail to meet the established
guidelines/standards for The NJGenWeb Project or to websites which display
inappropriate content. [USGenWeb Bylaws, Article XII, Section 6]

D5. If you have a grievance with any member of the NJGenWeb project,
concerted effort should be made to resolve such conflict directly with
that member in a courteous and respectful way. If your issue is not resolved,
according to USGenWeb Guidelines, "All members of The USGenWeb Project
have the right to request that the Advisory Board advise on issues related
to grievances and appeals and to mediate, if necessary." The first point
of contact beyond the SC of NJGebWeb should be one or more of the board
representatives from our region [Southeast/Mid-Atlantic].


E1. When a new volunteer requests to adopt a county or town, they are
screened by the SC (or CC for town adoptions) for appropriateness. This
screening will include factors directly relating to their ability to
adopt an area of the NJGenWeb Project, such as, but not limited to,
literacy, web site creation/editing ability, and response time to email.

E2. If a current coordinator requests to adopt an additional county or
a town not within their current area, other factors such as whether they
have followed the NJGenWeb web site guidelines for their current site(s),
may be taken into consideration to determine their appropriateness to
adopt additional NJGenWeb sites. A current coordinator does not inherently
take precedence over a new volunteer if both request to coordinate the
same county or area.

E3. County Coordinators may, but are NOT required, to offer TOWN web sites
for adoption. Those CCs who do so, are NOT required to share their county
web space (or login and password) in order to provide web space to TCs,
regardless of the precedent set by the previous CC.

E4. Town Coordinators will be interviewed and approved by the
appropriate county coordinator, who will in turn inform the SC of their
email address, so they may be added to the NJGEN mailing list.


The goals of NJGenWeb are:

F1. to provide high quality, New Jersey genealogy and history-related
information n web sites that assist the research needs of our visitors;

F2. to provide creative autonomy for NJGenWeb Coordinators, while setting
basic standards.


G1. Every NJGenWeb site MUST meet the following Basic Requirements
in order to be associated with the Project and linked to the NJGenWeb
State web site.

G2. A Local Coordinator [CC and TC] is REQUIRED to:

G2a. answer roll call (as the need arises).

G2b. maintain a subscription to the NJGEN mailing list for discussion of
NJGenWeb business. [Note: the SC/ASC will add the coordinator's name to
the mailing list when they become a project member. The coordinator
is then responsible for keeping the SC/ASC aware of their current
email address, and for reading/reviewing that email on a regular
basis. This is a national requirement, USGenWeb Bylaws, Article XI,
Section 2.]

G2c. provide (to the State Coordinator or acting SC) a contact telephone #
and mailing address.

G2d. maintain links to both the NJGenWeb and USGenWeb web sites on their
county or town web site(s). [Note: This is a national requirement,
USGenWeb Bylaws, Article XI, Section 3]

G2e. display both NJGenWeb and USGenWeb logos (with links back to their
respective web sites) on your MAIN or FIRST page. Sites adopted after
June 1, 2006 must place these logos within the top 1/3 of the page,
or in a manner that the SC agrees is "in a prominent location."
[Note: USGenWeb standards are to place the USGenWeb logo in a
"prominent location" on a web site.]

G2f. insure that ALL pages of your web site are identified as
being (part of) a project of the NJGenWeb (for example, name of county,
state, AND either the text NJGenWeb, or the project logo w/
link in a prominent location)

G2g. insure that all pages of the web site contain a link back to your
main/first page.

G2h. include and maintain queries, or a link to same on your web site.

G2i. provide a link to the NJGenWeb state web site's "List of Counties"

G2j. provide a link to the NJGenWeb state web site's "Research" page.

G2k. update your web site at least once every three (3) months.

G2l. display your email address, or link to an email form that works
with the major web browsers, at least on the main/first page
of your web site.

G2m. display the words, "Last Updated" [and date last updated] on the
MAIN/FIRST page of your web site

G2n. if your web site includes a copyright date, the current year
must be included (for example, 'copyright 2008' or
'Copyright 2001-2008' etc.)

G2n. have no commercial advertising or selling, on the MAIN/FIRST page of
any county or town site
. [these are national guidelines]. You may, however,
provide a link to, or logo of your web server host, if they provide your
web space free of charge, and/or a link to a web site where you obtained
your graphics (and the provider states in writing that you are required
to link to them). This includes no links to Ancestry.com products or
services, but NOT including a single link to Rootsweb if it provides your
web site's server space.

G2o. have no logos of similar "free information" projects on your main

G3. A Coordinator is RESPONSIBLE for:
G3a. following the USGenWeb Guidelines for County Coordinators
G3b. notifying the NJGenWeb SC when you will be unavailable for
an extended time
G3c. notifying the NJGenWeb SC if you change your email address, mailing
address or phone number
G3d. maintaining and updating your assigned web site(s) to meet all of
the basic requirements outlined here
G3e. responding to SC/ASC and web site visitor email, in a timely manner
G3f. notifying the NJGenWeb SC of new Town Coordinators, and/or changes
in their status.
G3g. keeping informed about USGenWeb issues by subscribing to various
regional and national USGenWeb mailing lists (recommended, but optional).

(G4) A State Coordinator/ASC is RESPONSIBLE for:
G4a. following the USGenWeb Guidelines for State Coordinators
G4b. maintaining and updating the NJGEN mailing list
G4c. maintaining and updating the NJGenWeb state web site
G4d. keeping basic records on the current status of the NJGenWeb Project
(such as names of coordinators and their email addresses).
G4e. assisting electioneers (as described in the "Election of a
State Coordinator" section) in the election process when appropriate
G4f. assigning adoptable counties to interested volunteers, and assisting
in their transition to NJGenWeb coordinator.
G4g. responding to email sent to the NJGenWeb state web site in a timely
G4h. informing CCs and TCs of urgent NJGenWeb issues, via the NJGen
mailing list.
G4i. informing the USGenWeb hierarchy of urgent issues in NJGenWeb, such as
changes due to elections or resignations.

(H) General Statements (not binding or mandatory):
[for further discussion by coordinators]
H1. Web site content is important. As much as links to web sites providing
information can sometimes be helpful, NJGenWeb's intent is not to become
another "List of Links." Rather our goal is to offer high quality
content. If you need assistance locating original, and/or not
copyrighted content to add to your web site, please contact the
STATE COORDINATOR who will assist you, or ask where you can locate
material resources by posting on the NJGEN mailing list.
-- H2. Coordinators should be willing to help those who are seeking
genealogical help related to the County or Town that they are
coordinating. Responding to an email inquiry in a courteous manner
is expected. Coordinators are not required to perform research at
a visitor's request. Coordinators should provide guidance as they
are able or willing to offer.



J1. The NJGenWeb SC is elected for a two-year term.

J2. Normal preparation for the election of a new New Jersey State
Coordinator (“SC”) should begin approximately two months prior to
the date the new SC is to take office.

J3. The tentative date to begin the NJGenWeb election process is on or
about February 1st. March 1st should be the date at which nominations
for the position of SC are officially closed. This is followed by a
two-week (or 15 day) period for campaigning, following again by a
two-week (or 15 day) period for voting. The goal should be to have
a newly elected SC to begin their term beginning April 1st.

J4. Starting about February 1st of each election year, the SC, or the
Acting SC(s) will work to obtain/set up an election committee as further
defined in this election section.

J5. In the event an SC steps down from this position prior to
the expiration of the election term, the Assistant State
Coordinator(s) (“ASC”) shall perform the duties of the SC
and shall be known as the Acting State Coordinator
(“Acting SC”) until an election can be held.

J6. The USGW Election Committee (“EC”) will be asked to conduct the
election. If the EC is unavailable, two advisors of our
South/Mid-Atlantic Region, will be asked to serve as electioneers,
or if they refuse, any 2 non-NJ individuals as shown at

J7. The current SC or the current Acting SC, or in the absence of both,
the electioneers themselves, will prepare a complete list of all
voting members with working email addresses, and insure that all
voting members are subbed to the NJGEN mailing list. Copies of the
state membership list will be provided to the electioneers.

J8.The electioneers will be subscribed to the NJGEN mailing list for the
duration of the election.

J9. One additional non-candidate NJGenWeb member may be selected by the
electioneers, to assist them with the election process, if desired.

J10. A period of two weeks will be provided for nominations. In the
event the current SC has stepped down prior to a regular election,
a shorter nomination period may be agreed to by the state members
by discussion on the state mailing list. The email addresses of
the electioneers will be provided, via the NJGEN mailing list, to
all state members. State members will send nominations privately
to the electioneers.

J11. Information to be provided to the electioneers will be:
(1) Name of the nominee
(2) Position of the nominee within the state
(3) Current email address of the nominee.

J12. The nominees will be contacted directly by the electioneers
to determine if they will accept the nomination and become a
candidate for the position of SC. Nominees must be voting members
of the NJGenWeb (as defined in the NJGenWeb bylaws) in order
to be considered a candidate.

J13. In the event there is only one candidate for an election,
the NJGENweb members will be notified of same on their NJGEN
mailing list, along with a final 3-day (72 hour) call
for additional nominees, and a statement that if no additional
nominees are offered, the sole candidate will be declared the
winner. At the end of the 3-day period, if no additional
nominees have been nominated and approved, the electioneers
will declare that candidate the winner, without having to hold
an election.

J14. If two or more candidates are confirmed, there will be a one
week campaign period within which the candidates shall be
allowed to post to the state mailing list their campaign
messages and enter into discussions with the current state members
regarding their opinions and positions on issues within the
state. Once this time period expires, then a 14 day voting period
begins with the official posting to the NJGEN mailing list that
same has begun, providing the beginning and ending date and times
of said period.

J15. Votes shall be sent privately to both electioneers. Votes are
always held in the highest of confidence, known only to the two
impartial electioneers.

J16. At the end of the voting period, the electioneers will reconcile
the votes, and announce the results on the NJGEN mailing list.
The winner shall be the person with the greatest number of votes.

J17. In the case of a tie for first place, a run-off election of
one week in duration will be held between the two candidates
with the highest number of votes.

J18. In the unlikely event of a second tie, (as described in section
J17), the two candidates will be asked to serve as Co-SCs,
dividing responsibilities. If EITHER of the Co-SCs indicate that
they do not want to serve jointly, the electioneers will
arrange a "coin flip," using a fair method of their choosing,
to randomly select an SC from the two candidates. This
"coin-flip" type of selection is binding, with the decision being

J19. In the case when Co-SCs exist, an ASC appointment is not needed.
However an ASC may also be appointed if both the Co-SC's
mutually agree on a person to fill that position.


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