There are many ways to volunteer within the NJGenWeb Project.

Some examples are:

1. provide copyright free, transcribed information (i.e., tombstone inscriptions, biographies or census records) to a state, county or town web site within the NJGenWeb program, or to the NJGenWeb Archives
2. create and/or maintain a county or a city/town web site for NJGenWeb
3. offer to perform look-up's of records (such as obituaries, tombstones, censuses, in particular books or documents, in local historical societies, etc.).

Contact the NJGenWeb State Coordinator by email, indicate you would like to volunteer, and if you have a particular interest or specialty in mind, and she will suggest how to take your next step.

To be a successful NJGenWeb County or Town Coordinator, you will need:

* A knowledge of, or willingness to learn about the county/area you will be coordinating.

* A desire and willingness to assist researchers who visit your county website.
NOTE: NJGenWeb does not require its coordinators engage in personal research or lookups for visitors! (But if you would like to do this, free of charge, there are no objections). The best way to assist researchers is to provide as much fresh and appropriate online information and links as is possible. We help researchers, but we are not required to do the research for them.

* A moderate knowledge of web design and maintenance (HTML page coding and design, OR knowledge of an HTML Editor). Iin other words, you need to know how to design and create a web site, or have the skills to maintain the current web site). We are sorry, but we are not able to teach basic web design to new coordinators. You need to have this basic knowledge before you apply to become a coordinator. You will need to provide the State Coordinator with a link to a web site that you have already designed and/or maintain as proof of your ability. You also needs to be knowledgeable of FTP protocol (either through a web design program or separately) especially if you will be uploading files to a Rootsweb server. [Please be aware that Rootsweb does not support some FrontPage extensions, so if you are using that program, you need to be aware of this].

* Time to devote to your county page. Researchers are looking for fresh and frequently updated information on your pages. The weekly time required can range from two to twenty hours, depending on the time you have available, and your degree of enthusiasm.

* Ability to make initial new coordinator name changes to the county pages, to upload changed pages, and to officially take over the county within 30 days of acceptance. A copy of the "old" page should be placed in a folder, on your site's rootsweb server, in a file called "oldweb" or something similar, and not deleted. Possibly NJGenWeb's SC or ASC will have done this for you. Please do NOT delete any of the current pages unless this task has been performed.

* Willingness to grant minimum 30 days notice should you decide to give up your county. (We hope you never do!) Outgoing County Coordinators will be asked to assist with transferring the county to the replacement County Coordinators whenever possible.
NOTE: You do NOT need to live in the county you are hosting.

* You will be joining a fine team of County Coordinators dedicated to making the NJGenWeb Project the best resource for those seeking to research their New Jersey ancestors.

* If you are interested in applying for a County Coordinator position, please select one of the counties currently available for adoption, and read both the USGenWeb and NJGenWeb adoption guidelines. Feel free to ask the State Coordinator, or one of the Assistant State Coordinators, any questions needed to clarify these guidelines.


SEE COUNTY LIST - sites up for adoption will be indicated as same in RED text.


First, please see the individual COUNTY site, where the city or town is located, for availability. If the city/town you are interested in, is not already adopted, you may request to do so.

ADOPTION GUIDELINES (coordinators must read and follow both National and State guidelines)
If you have not already done so, please read the following guidelines completely before applying for a County Coordinator position.

1. USGenWeb National Guidelines: COUNTY ADOPTION GUIDELINES [
Town/City adoptions must also abide by the USGenWeb guidelines]
     - Official USGenWeb Logo Page | Website Design and Maintenance Hints from USGenWeb
2. NJGenWeb State Adoption Guidelines,  Bylaws and Policy

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