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Joseph Beldon, the first member of the family of whom we have been able to obtain definite information, had, according to the Bible records in the possession of one of his descendants, by his wife Jane a son Hosea Willard, referred to below.

    (II) Hosea Willard, son of Joseph and Jane Beldon, was born February 8, 1778, and died September 2, 1823, in Madisonville, Louisiana.  January 1, 1804, he married Mary Payne, daughter of Levin and Hannah (Payne) Snead (see Snead).  Children:  1. William Augustus, born March 3, 1810; died same day.  2 Joseph, referred to below.  3. Hannah Snead, born September 15, 1813; died November 4, 1873; unmarried.  4. Jane, born August 10, 1816; died December 1, 1881; married Abijah Begal Warden.  5. Sarah Kern, born November 9, 1818; died December 18, October 15, 1889.  On reaching manhood he entered the Baptist ministry, and served a number of different churches most acceptably, retiring at last on account of ill health and making his home in Bordentown, which was the residence of his wife's family.  He married Jane Amanada Kester, of Bordentown (see Kester).  Children:  Frank, died in infancy; Samuel White, referred to below.

    (III) Samuel White, son of Joseph and Jane Amanda (Kester) Beldon, was born in Bordentown, New Jersey, April 4, 1861, and is now living in Newark.  He received his early education under the private tutelage of his father, and then went to the New Jersey Collegiate Institute at Bordentown.  For four years after graduating from the institute, Mr. Beldon taught school, at the same time studying law, and was admitted to the New Jersey bar in June, 1882.  He began the practice of his profession at Trenton, and later continued it at Camden, New Jersey, until, in 1903, he formed a connection with the Fidelity Trust Company of Newark, with which corporation he is still connected.  In politics Mr. Beldon is a Republican, and from religious conviction a member of the First Baptist Church of East Orange, of which he is also one of the deacons.  He is president of the Young Men's Christian Association of Orange, and a member of Hope Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons.  Among the numerous clubs of which he is a member are the Union Club of Newark, the County and State Lawyers' clubs, the Baltusrol Golf Club, the Forest Hill Golf Club, and the Roseville Athletic Association.

    June 29, 1892, Mr. Beldon married Sara, daughter of Mahlon Frank and Srah (Hubbell) Shreve, of Bordentown, whose children were:  Kate M.; William Ambrose, married Mary A. Dunn, and has one child, Mary Dunn; Emma Hubbell, married Samuel Dunseith, and Sara, referred to above.  Child of Samuel White and Sara (Shreve) Beldon:  Joseph Willard, born in Bordentown, New Jersey, July 9, 1893.

(The Snead Line).

    The following record from the Bible of Levin Snead, born April 2, 1755, gives the ancestry of the wife of Hosea Willard Beldon.  Levin Snead married Hannah, daughter of Major George Payne, of Egg Harbor township, Gloucester county, New Jersey, who was born October 25, 1755, and died October 26, 1822.  Her father was captain of the Third Battalion, Gloucester county militia, November 14, 1777, and was promoted first major of the same battalion, March 31, 1778.  Children of Levin and Hannah (Payne) Snead:  1. Mary Payne, born September 8, 1781; died March 7, 1844; married, January 1, 1804, Hosea Willard Beldon.  2. Elizabeth, born November 15, 1787; died July 29, 1787.  5. Sara, born April 8, 1790.  6. Eliza Ann, born January 12, 1792; died February 15, 1802.  7. Jane, born May 16, 1795.  Hannah, born October 17, 1797; died February 1, 1804.  9. Arabella, born December 6, 1799.  10. Robert Payne, born September 8, 1802; died September 5, 1803.  11. Samuel G., born August 17, 1804; died September 10, 1804.

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