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The Aaronson or Aronson family are said to be descended from Dirck or Dirick Areson, who emigrated from Holland and died in Flushing, Long Island, October, 1678, from the result of injuries sustained while shoeing a horse.  In his will be leaves to his wife Mary all of his lands and goods during her widowhood, and if she remarries her estate is to be divided among his seven children, and “the estate which is in Holland,” if recovered, is to be divided among his seven children.  His executors were Captain Thomas Willett and Elias Doughty, and the witnesses of the will were James Clement and William Ward.  Children:  1. Dirck, probably his eldest child, inherited his Flushing property and died there, September or October, 1710, leaving children—Benjamin, who became an innholder in New York, and died 1766, leaving widow Ann to administer his estate; Samuel; Deborah, and Hannah.  2.  Sarah, married Caleb Shreve, founder of the family of that name in New Jersey.  3. John, referred to below. 

            (II) John Aronson, who, if the date of his birth, 1678, is correct, must have been the youngest child of Dirck and Mary Areson, remained in Flushing until he was about twenty-five years old, and August 11, 1703, bought of Abraham Brown, for forty-five pounds silver, one hundred acres of land in Mansfield township,Burlington county, New Jersey, bounded on the south by lands of Mordecai Andrews, and on the north by those of John Heaton and Daniel Bacon.  In this deed, recorded in the office of the secretary of state at Trenton, liber B. B. B., p. 342, he is styled as “of Queens County on the Island of Nassau, State of New York.”  He died in Mansfield township, in 1742, leaving a wife Mary, and children:  Thomas; Joseph, referred to below; Benjamin; Aaron; Elizabeth; Sarah.

            (III) Joseph, son of John and Mary Aronson, died in Mansfield township, Burlington county, New Jersey, about 1755.  He married, in November of December, 1740, Ann Marriott, of Burlington, the date of the license being November 20, 1749.  Children:  Benjamin; Sarah; Mary; Hannah; John, referred to below.

            (IV) John (2), son of Joseph and Ann (Marriott) Aronson, was born about 1754, and died December 11, 1785.  He married Rebecca Haines.  Children:  Joseph; Samuel; John; George; Rebecca; Thomas, referred to below.

            (V) Thomas, son of John (2) and Rebecca (Haines) Aronson, was born in Mansfield township, November 20, 1764, and died there, March 22, 1830.  He married, in July or August, 1787, Sarah Black, the date of the license being July 24, 1787.  Children:  Ezra; Clayton; Amy; Ann; Thomas, referred to below; Martha R.; Elizabeth; Sarah Ann.

            (VI) Thomas (2), son of Thomas (1) and Sarah (Black) Aronson, was born in Mansfield township, Burlington county, New Jersey, April 18, 1796; and died in Columbus, Burlington county, where he had removed a number of years previous to his death, July 8, 1867.  He married Ann Foster, who died April 6, 1834.  Children:  Thomas Elwood; Robert, referred to below; Mary P.; Martha R.; Edward R.

            (VII) Robert, son of Thomas (2) and Ann (Foster) Aaronson, was born in Mansfield township, Burlington county, New Jersey, January 5, 1823, and died in Columbus, New Jersey, January 3, 1894.  After receiving a common school education he taught school in Mansfield for a time, and then took up farming on his father’s farm, and followed this until 1866, when he moved into Columbus and went into a general store in company with his brother, Thomas Elwood Aaronson.  Later he carried on the business alone until about 1880, when he bought a canning business in Columbus, which he conducted until his death, under the firm name of Aaronson, Harvey & Company, the members of the firm being Robert Aaronson, John Harvey and R. Howard Aaronson.  Mr. Aaronson was a Democrat, and took an active interest in politics, served as a member of the assembly in 1873, and s a member of the board of freeholders at various times.  For twelve years he was collector of taxes for the township, serving as such during the civil war.  He was a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Columbus.  He married Caroline R., daughter of John B. and Susan B. (Woolman) Taylor, who was born July 13, 1833.  Children:  1. Francis, born March 15, 1854; died in infancy.  2. Robert Howard, referred to below.  3. Susan Elizabeth born July 16, 1857; widow of Dr. Daniel G. Van Mater, of 537 Penn street, Camden, New Jersey, with who, her mother is now living.  4. Charles Taylor, born April 25, 1866; formerly assistant and paying teller in the Trenton Bank, but now and for several years past with Jacob E. Ridgway, operating in real estate and mining property, and living in Camden, New Jersey.

            (VIII) Robert Howard, son of Robert and Caroline B. (Taylor) Aaronson, was born in Burlington county, New Jersey, May 5, 1855, and is now living in Bordentown, New Jersey.  He was educated in the local schools, and then became interested in the canning business with his father.  February 1, 1887, he came to Bordentown in order to take charge of a canning factory in that place, and after conducting this for five or six years he opened a real estate and insurance office there in 1894, and to this he has since devoted his whole time and attention.  He has been a director in the Bordentown Banking Company for twelve years, and he is also a director and the treasurer of the Bordentown & Philadelphia Transportation Company, of which he was one of the incorporators when the company was organized in 1899.  He is also a director of the Mount Holly Safe Deposit and Trust Company, with which he has been connected since its organization in 1902; and until the work was taken over by the Public Service Corporation he was also superintendent of and collector for the Bordentown Gas Light Company.  He was collector for the Bordentown Water Company until the city took charge of the supply, and is now collector of water rents for the city; and until the road was sold was also secretary and treasurer of the Columbus, Kinkora &Springfield Railroad Company.  He is a member of Mount Moriah Lodge, No. 28, Free and Accepted Masons of Bordentown, and of Mount Moriah Chapter, No. 20, Royal Arch Masons; also of the IndependentOrder of Odd Fellows, and treasurer of the Citizen’s Hook and LadderCompany.  April 23, 1901, Mr. Aaronson married Ada E., daughter of Davis C. and Mary A. Wells, of Pemberton, Burlington county, New Jersey, and they have one child—Robert Howard Jr., born at Bordentown, January 15, 1902.


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