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The name of this organization shall be the Northeast Wisconsin Intertype Libraries, Inc. hereafter referred to as "NEWIL."  NEWIL shall be established as a non-stock, nonprofit corporation in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 181 of the Wisconsin Statutes.


To promote and implement programs of cooperation among and communication between all libraries and other information sources in Northeast Wisconsin in order to:

  1. Assure the most effective and economical use of the resources and services of the area.

  2. Facilitate the improvement of existing library service activities.

  3. Provide groundwork for discovering new areas of cooperation and initiating new services and joint programs as desired.

No asset or any part of the new earnings of the corporation, whether upon dissolution or otherwise, shall inure to the benefit of any individual.


Any library, information source, cooperative agency and school district coordinating or representing such institutions may become a member.


  1. Members shall have one vote.

  2. Members have the right to vote for the Board of Directors.

  3. Members are entitled to receive publications and services.

B.    Membership in NEWIL shall not imply obligation to participate in all specific programs and activities.  Participation in NEWIL programs and activities is not limited to one voting member of the library.

C.    Membership dues and expenses:

Dues for NEWIL membership shall be reviewed as part of the Long Range Plan.

D.    Membership in NEWIL shall be for the fiscal year of the organization.

E.    The fiscal year for NEWIL is January-December.


NEWIL members are eligible to vote at general meetings.  One appointed representative per library, organization, or school district is eligible to vote.


The Board of Directors (Officers) will consist of the President, Vice-President/President, Secretary, Treasurer and four members-at-large that shall conduct the business of the organization.  They shall also be empowered with running affairs of the organization on a daily basis should that need develop.

A.    Members-at-large shall:

  1. Represent public, academic, school and special libraries.

  2. Be appointed for a one-year term.

B.    Ex-officio and non-voting members of the Board of Directors include the Director of the Nicolet Federated Library System and the NEWIL Coordinator.


The President shall call a General Membership meeting during the fall months to receive reports of the outgoing officers, to act on proposed amendments to the Bylaws, to determine policies of the organization, to vote on and to install the newly elected Board of Directors.  There will be an additional Membership meeting in the spring months to conduct organizational business.  Email notice shall be sent to the membership at least 10 days prior to any meeting indicating the matters to be considered.  A simple majority of members present at any NEWIL meeting of general membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

The Board of Directors shall meet quarterly beginning in February or upon written request of 10 or more regular members.


A. The Board of Directors shall authorize Standing Committees to carry out the continuing activities of the organization.

B. Special Committees to perform duties authorized by the organization or to study and report on special problems may be authorized by the Board of Directors.

C. The NEWIL President shall appoint the Chairperson and members of all committees subject to approval of the Board of Directors.  Unless challenged by motion made and seconded and carried, appointments shall be considered approved.


These bylaws may be amended or revised by action of a majority vote of members present and voting at the annual or regularly scheduled meeting, provided that the notice of any such meeting contains a summary of the proposed amendment or amendments.

(Adopted January 29, 1971)

(Revised January 16, 1975)

(Revised May 24, 1979)

(Revised November 7, 1979)

(Revised November 19, 1981)

(Revised November 4, 1982)

(Revised March 31, 1992)

(Revised November 14, 1994)

(Revised March 19, 1997)

(Revised November 15, 2000)

(Revised December 15, 2000)

(Revised May 1, 2003)

(Revised February 12, 2007)